Monday, July 1, 2013

Kendrick Lamar's Spanish Raps Shocked Schoolboy Q: 'I Had No Idea'

Q talks to MTV News about K.Dot's language dabble on 'Collard Greens.'
By Nadeska Alexis, with reporting by Rob Markman

Schoolboy Q
Photo: MTV News


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Assad continues offensive on Homs in attempt to take control from rebels

For a second day Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces bombed the city of Homs, which is currently controlled by rebels. Representatives for the rebels say they are ready for a long battle.

By Khaled Yacoub Oweis,?Reuters / June 30, 2013

A Free Syrian Army fighter walks with his weapon through the damaged Khalid bin al Walid Mosque in Homs Sunday.

Yazan Homsy/Reuters


President Bashar al-Assad's forces pounded Sunni Muslim rebels in the city of Homs with artillery and from the air on Sunday, the second day of an offensive to expand loyalist control over Syria's strategic centre, activists said.

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They said rebels defending the old centre of Homs and five adjacent Sunni districts had largely repelled a ground attack on Saturday by Assad's forces but reported fresh clashes and deaths within the city on Sunday.

The offensive follows steady military gains by Assad's forces, backed by Lebanese Hezbollah militants, in villages in Homs province and towns close to the Lebanese border.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Assad must halt his "brutal assault" on Homs. Gulf countries, which back the rebels, urged Lebanon to stop "parties" interfering in the Syria conflict, a reference to Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

Opposition sources and diplomats said the loyalist advance had tightened the siege of Homs and secured a main road link to Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon and to army bases in Alawite-held territory near the Syrian coast, the main entry point for Russian arms that have given Assad a key advantage in firepower.

At least 100,000 people have been killed since the Syrian revolt against four decades of rule by Assad and his late father erupted in March 2011, making the uprising the bloodiest of the Arab Spring popular revolutions against entrenched autocrats.

The Syrian conflict is increasingly pitting Assad's Alawite minority, backed by Shi'ite Iran and its Hezbollah ally, against mainly Sunni rebel brigades supported by the Gulf states, Egypt, Turkey and others.

Sunni Jihadists, including al Qaeda fighters from Iraq, have also entered the fray.


The loyalist advances have alarmed international supporters of the rebels, leading the United States to announce it will step up military support. Saudi Arabia has accelerated deliveries of sophisticated weaponry, Gulf sources say.

The Sham News Network opposition monitoring group said fighters belonging to the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front had killed five loyalist troops in fighting in the Bab Hud district of Old Homs on Sunday.

Activists said one woman and a child had been killed in an airstrike on the old city, home to hundreds of civilians.

Video footage taken by the activists, which could not be immediately verified, showed the two bodies being carried in blankets as well as a man holding a wounded child with a huge gash in his head.

Rebel fighters also fought loyalist forces backed by tanks in the old covered market, which links the old city with Khalidiya, a district inhabited by members of tribes who have been at the forefront of the armed insurgency.

"After failing to make any significant advances yesterday, the regime is trying to sever the link between Khalidiya and the old city," Abu Bilal, one of the activists, said from Homs.

"We are seeing a sectarian attack on Homs par excellence, The army has taken a back role. Most of the attacking forces are comprised of Alawite militia being directed by Hezbollah."

The Alawites are an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam that have controlled Syria since the 1960s, when members of the sect took over the army and the security apparatus which underpin the power structure in the mainly Sunni country.


Located at a major highway intersection 88 miles north of Damascus, Homs is a majority Sunni city. But a large number of Alawites have moved into mostly new and segregated districts in recent decades, drawn by army and security jobs.

Lebanese security forces said Hezbollah appeared to be present in the rural areas surrounding Homs but there was no indication that it was fighting in the labyrinth streets of Homs, where it could take heavy casualties.

Anwar Abu al-Waleed, an activist, said rebel brigades were prepared to fight a long battle, unlike in Qusair and Tel Kalakh, two towns in rural Homs near the border with Lebanon that fell to loyalist forces in recent weeks.

"We are talking about serious urban warfare in Homs. We are not talking about scattered buildings in an isolated town but a large urban area that provides a lot of cover," he said.

Britain's Hague expressed concern over the escalation of fighting in Homs, saying in a statement: "I call upon the Assad regime to cease its brutal assault on Homs and to allow full humanitarian access to the country."

The Syrian conflict has aggravated neighbouring Lebanon's own complex sectarian rivalry, triggering fighting between Alawite pro-Assad and Sunni anti-Assad militia in the northern city of Tripoli that has killed dozens.

Gulf foreign ministers meeting in Bahrain urged the Lebanese government to "commit to distancing itself from the Syrian crisis and to prevent any Lebanese parties from interfering in (Syria) in order to enable it to confront the brutal attacks and crimes conducted by the regime and its allies."

Additional reporting by Angus McDowall and William Maclean in Dubai


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calif. dad of slain girl unsure why home targeted

A pair of toy animals are seen as part of memorial outside the home, Monday, May 20, 2013, where Elvira Campos, 10, was shot and killed in North Highlands, Calif. Campos had been watching television with her parents Saturday night, when at least two gunmen walked up to the door of the home and began shooting. About a dozen shots were fired, killing Campos' and wounding her father and mother. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

A pair of toy animals are seen as part of memorial outside the home, Monday, May 20, 2013, where Elvira Campos, 10, was shot and killed in North Highlands, Calif. Campos had been watching television with her parents Saturday night, when at least two gunmen walked up to the door of the home and began shooting. About a dozen shots were fired, killing Campos' and wounding her father and mother. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Bullet holes are seen in the front window, Monday, May 20, 2013, of the home, where Elvira Campos, 10, was shot and killed in North Highlands, Calif. Campos had been watching television with her parents Saturday night, when at least two gunmen walked up to the door of the home and began shooting. About a dozen shot were fired, killing Campos' and wounding her father and mother. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

(AP) ? A devastated father says he has no idea why gunmen targeted his house over the weekend, firing a barrage of bullets that instantly killed his 10-year-old daughter as she watched television from a chair near the front picture window.

With his own wounded arm in a sling, Ernesto Campos came to look for his wallet Monday in a house whose front was scarred by at least a dozen bullet holes. Blood soaked the carpet and front porch, and the stuffing was blown out of the chair where his daughter, Elvira, had been sitting Saturday night.

"I don't know. I don't know," Campos told The Associated Press when asked why someone would target his home 11 miles from downtown Sacramento. "Somebody came here from another place. I don't know."

Both Campos and his wife, Imelda, suffered minor physical wounds, and both are too distraught to return to the home in a tidy working class neighborhood populated with young families with children.

Sacramento County sheriff's officials suspected that a family member had gang ties. A 14-year-old brother was at home at the time of the shooting and a 20-year-old was away. Another brother who is 23 lives in the Mexican state of Michoacan, where the family came from 23 years ago.

"They just don't want to be here. It's too sad for them," said Alejandra Vega, who has a daughter with the Campos' 23-year-old son.

Vega described Elvira as a happy child who was always smiling, just as she was in a portrait framed on top of the television where the family had gathered Saturday night.

Authorities were searching for at least two gunmen whom they believed walked up to the front of the house and opened fire.

"Whoever these gunmen were, they were directly outside the front door," Sacramento County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos said Sunday.

At least a dozen shots were fired from two guns.

"This was not a drive-by. These gunmen approached the house and shot inside," Ramos said.

"You have to be hard pressed to think a 10-year-old girl was the intended target."

The family had lived in the home for less than a year. They are now staying with relatives and are afraid for their faces to be shown.

Sheriff's officials were also investigating a separate shooting Sunday morning that took place not far from the home. The victim of that shooting ? a 32-year-old man who survived ? was "definitely a gang member" and detectives were looking at the possibility the shootings were related, Ramos said.


Associated Press writer John Marshall contributed to this report from San Francisco.

Associated Press


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Wave of attacks kills at least 57 in Iraq

Iraqi security force members inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

Iraqi security force members inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

Civilians react at the site of a car bomb attack in front of a crowded popular restaurant in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

Iraqi security force members and civilians gather at the site of a car bomb attack in front of a crowded popular restaurant in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

An Iraqi police officer inspects the site of a car bomb attack in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

Civilians gather at the site of a car bomb attack in front of a crowded popular restaurant in Basra, 340 miles (550 kilometers) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 20, 2013. Two car bombings in the southern city of Basra, killing and wounding dozens of people, police said. Iraq has seen a spike of attacks, including bombings hitting both Sunni and Shiite civilian targets over the last week. (AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani)

(AP) ? A string of car bombs and shootings killed at least 57 people in Shiite and Sunni areas of Iraq on Monday, officials said, escalating fears of a return to widespread sectarian bloodletting in the country.

The attacks, some of which hit market places and crowded bus stops during the morning rush hour, pushed the death toll in Iraq since Wednesday to more than 200. The bloodshed over the past week has been reminiscent of the retaliatory attacks between Sunnis and Shiites that pushed the country to the brink of civil war in 2006-2007.

Tensions have been worsening since Iraq's minority Sunnis began protesting what they say is mistreatment at the hands of the Shiite-led government. The mass demonstrations, which began in December, have largely been peaceful, but the number of attacks rose sharply after a deadly security crackdown on a Sunni protest camp in northern Iraq on April 23.

Iraq's Shiite majority, which was oppressed under Saddam Hussein, now controls the levers of power in the country. Wishing to rebuild the nation rather than revert to open warfare, they have largely restrained their militias over the past five years or so as Sunni extremist groups such as al-Qaida have targeted them with occasional large-scale attacks.

But the renewed violence in both Shiite and Sunni areas since late last month has fueled concerns of a return to sectarian warfare.

The worst of Monday's violence took place in Baghdad, where nine car bombs ripped through open-air markets and other areas of Shiite neighborhoods, killing at least 33 people and wounding nearly 130, police officials said.

The surge in bloodshed has exasperated Iraqis, who have lived for years with the fear and uncertainty bred of random violence.

"How long do we have to continue living like this, with all the lies from the government?" asked 23-year-old Baghdad resident Malik Ibrahim. "Whenever they say they have reached a solution, the bombings come back stronger than before."

"We're fed up with them and we can't tolerate this anymore," he added.

The predominantly Shiite city of Basra in southern Iraq was also hit Monday, with two car bombs there ? one outside a restaurant and another at the city's main bus station ? killing at least 13 and wounded 40, according to provincial police spokesman Col. Abdul-Karim al-Zaidi and the head of city's health directorate, Riadh Abdul-Amir.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks, but such large-scale bombings bear the hallmarks of al-Qaida in Iraq.

The violence also struck Sunni areas, hitting the city of Samarra north of Baghdad and the western province of Anbar, a Sunni stronghold.

A parked car bomb in Samarra went off near a gathering of pro-government Sunni militia who were waiting outside a military base to receive salaries, killing three and wounding 13, while in Anbar gunmen ambushed two police patrols near the town of Haditha, killing eight policemen, police and army officials said.

Also in Anbar, authorities found 13 dead bodies in a remote desert area, officials said. The bodies, which included eight policemen who were kidnapped by gunmen on Friday, had been killed with a gunshot to the head.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.


Associated Press writer Nabil Al-Jurani in Basra contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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Science Project Left On Bus Leads To Bomb Scare At Boulder's Fairview High

  • This photo released by the Glendale Police Department shows a black Cadillac that lost control and careened onto the roof of a neighbor's home on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in Glendale, Calif. The Cadillac driver lost control before leaving his driveway, plunging off a hill "onto the roof of his neighbor's house directly below his driveway. (Photo courtesy of Glendale Police Department)

  • Third Eye Blind

    Tilde N?rgaard, a Swedish sixth grader, is still trying to figure out how she got a third eye in her class photo.

  • 150-lb Boulder Crashes Through Car Windshield

    This 150-lb boulder crashed through the windshield of a rental car in Sedona, Az. The passengers, Bob Jaczko and Peter Wilson suffered minor cuts.

  • Kid Has LEGO stuck in nose for three years.

    Isaak Lasson can finally breathe easy after three years of sinus problem caused by a single wheel-shaped LEGO that he got stuck up his nose back when he was three.

  • Scrapyard Destroys Wrong Car

    Ben Forrer outside Sita UK, a scrap yard in Coventry, today, 25, 2012. Refer to NTI story NTICRUSH. Ben Forrer looked on in horror as a Coventry scrapyard crushed his van by mistake. Ben Forrer had only left his Citroen Relay for a few minutes as he dropped off an old cooker at the Sita yard, in Longford. But workers mistook the van for scrap and began crushing it in the jaws of a mechanical grabber

  • Middle Finger Bush

    A bush carved into the shape of a middle-finger has landed a gardener into trouble after somebody failed to share his humour over the shrub. The council received a complaint about the shaped bush eight years after it was carved by Richard Jackson, 53, in his front garden. Despite only receiving one complaint, the council have since contacted Richard to alter the bush as it is considered a public offence. But Richard, from Tamworth, Staffs, said his neighbours are backing his pledge to keep the bush and they have even began a Save the Bush campaign to support him. Credit: Caters News

  • Cathedral Licker

    A man has made a 5,000 mile pilgrimage to every Anglican cathedral in England so he can give them a good LICKING. Lawrence Edmonds has staked his claim as Britains first every cathedral licker by tongue tickling an incredible 42 in less than two years. Christian approval, Polish condemnation, and looks of confusion from a flock of Dutch tourists have all been experienced by Lawrence on his epic journey Back in January 2011, Lawrences friend Adam challenged him to a bet- that he couldnt lick every Anglican cathedral in the UK within five years. Credit: Caters News

  • Baobab Tree Sculpture

    Mike De Butts adds the finishing touches to a giant Baobab Tree sculpture entitled 'Under the Baobab', outside the Southbank Centre on May 24, 2012 in London, England. The Pirate Technics' installation is made from a selection of brightly coloured fabrics from around the world, and is part of the Southbank Centre's 'Festival of the World' exhibition, which includes a series of large scale pieces of art that will be in place around the Southbank centre over the Summer.

  • My Little Ponies

    Some of Sarah's ponies. Sarah Butler, 28 from Barnsley, Yorkshire has been collecting 1980's My Little Ponies for 24 years and now has over 1,000 of them as well as having a themed room in her house including My Little Pony curtains, bedspread and other collectables.

  • Rapunzel Hair

    Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, is nicknamed Rapunzel because her hair is more than 5 feet long -- just one and a half inches shorter than her height. In March, she planned to cut and sell the locks for some $2,600 to help get her family in Rio De Janeiro out of poverty.

  • Moscow City Lights

    Swirling colors of city lights from a 900ft crane fill the Moscow skyline. Photographer D. Chistoprudov boards the crane, which is being used to build a skyscraper called Federation, and takes pictures over a period of two hours. Chistoprudov, 28, starts taking the swirling snaps around 1am and battles freezing weather to remain completely still so not to ruin the careful process. (Caters News / ZUMA Press)

  • iPoo

    The sleek design, the impressive functionality, the distinctive logo - was it only a matter of time before Apple redesigned the humble toilet with the iPoo? The iPoo is literally a case of toilet humour and Belgrade designer Milos Paripovic makes the tongue-in-cheek claim his work isn't intentionally related to the Apple brand.

  • Tamaseseri Festival

    Naked men wearing only loincloths vie for a wooden treasure ball weighing eight kilos to bring good fortune, during the Tamaseseri festival at Hakozaki shrine in Fukuoka, on Japan's southern island of Kyushu on Jan. 3, 2012. Two teams of farmers and fishermen competed for the rich harvest or largest catch at a festival that dates back some 500 years.

  • Snow Church

    Visitors stand around a snow church just after its inauguration on Dec. 28, 2011 in Mitterfirmiansreut, Germany. The circa 25 meters long church was made of 1,400 cubic meters of snow and aims to commemorate the winter of the years 1910/1911, when so much snow fell that believers of Mitterfirmiansreut were no more able to go to church in the neighboring community of Mauth. So they decided to build their own church, made of snow. (Armin Weigel, AFP / Getty Images)

  • Snow Church

    Visitors stand around a snow church just after its inauguration on Dec. 28, 2011 in Mitterfirmiansreut, Germany. The circa 25 meters long church was made of 1,400 cubic meters of snow and aims to commemorate the winter of the years 1910/1911, when so much snow fell that believers of Mitterfirmiansreut were no more able to go to church in the neighboring community of Mauth. So they decided to build their own church, made of snow. (Armin Weigel, AFP / Getty Images)

  • Heine Braeck, 33, from Sarpsborg, Norway, has been without an right arm since he lost it during a freak accident when he was 13. Now he has decided to make the stump look like a dolpin's head with the help of Bulgarian tattooist Valio Ska.

  • Giant Slipper

    A man who ordered a special slipper to fit his oversized foot was sent a size 1,450 - after manufacturers failed to spot a decimal point in his order. Tom Boddingham, 27, has a size 13 right foot while his left is slightly bigger and measures a size 14-and-a-half. But when he ordered his custom-fit slipper manufacturers in China misread size 14.5 and accidently made a whopping 7ft long size 1,450

  • Eight-year-old girl is world's youngest drag racer

    Eight-year-old girl Belle Wheeler has become the youngest drag racer in the world -- just two days after her eighth birthday. The pint-sized dragster then went onto compete against youngsters more than twice her age and qualified for the UK National Finals.

  • Lawn Mower Endurance Race

    Competitors race in the 12-hour Lawn Mower Endurance Race on September 24, 2011 in Billingshurst, England. First started in 1973 as a motorsport that would be accessible to as many as possible, this year's competition included more than 30 teams including some from South Africa, America and Luxembourg.

  • Pumpkin Art

    An employee arranges pumpkins to form a fish at the pumkin exhibition of the asparagus and experience farm Buschmann and Winkelmann in Klaistow near Beelitz, northeastern Germany on August 31, 2011. The exhibition will start on September 1 , 2011, with over 100,000 pumkins in 400 different varieties.

  • Cable Car High Wire

    High wire artist Freddy Nock balances as he walks up on the rope of a Zugspitze cable car in Grainau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011. Nock walked up the 995 meters long rope with an altitude difference of 348 meters aiming at collecting money for the UNESCO. He is attempting to set a new world record by doing seven summits in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in seven days. It took him about 90 minutes to arrive on top of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

  • Third Story Exit

    A 16-ton salt spreader blasted through the fifth-floor wall of a Queens Sanitation Department garage and came within inches of plummeting 50 feet to the street. The driver survived the spectacular 9:30 am crash, which sent bricks and debris raining down on cars parked outside the Maspeth repair facility, but spent 15 terrified minutes dangling in the cab of the bright orange vehicle. It's unclear how driver Robert Legall, a 10-year Sanitation veteran with a clean record, lost control of the big rig. "There are signs up there warning drivers to slow down," Commissioner John Doherty told the New York Post. "He's familiar with the rules. We think it was just an unfortunate accident."

  • Speed Record Spins Out

    Driver Joe Wales crashes through the surf after veering off course during an attempt on the British land speed record for battery-powered vehicles in the Bluebird Electric on Pendine Sands on August 14, 2011 in Pendine, Wales. Driver Joe Wales and his father, fellow driver Don Wales, come from a famous family who have been setting land and water speed records since 1924. Don holds the current UK record of 137 miles an hour in an electric vehicle.

  • Giant Cabbage

    Harrogate Autumn Flower show Director Martin Fish with a giant cabbage, as he introduced a series of new classes for Giant Vegetables to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Show. Giant onions, tomatoes and many others will all compete for the top prize of the biggest vegetable.

  • Keep Claer

    An incorrectly spelled "Keep Clear" road marking is pictured in Kingswinford, on August 3, 2011 in West Midlands, England.

  • Etna Volcano lava

    Lava spewed from a crater of the giant Etna volcano in the southern Italy island of Sicily on July 30, 2011 in Catania. The lava flown into a valley overnight and did not represent a danger to inhabited areas. Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe at 3,295 metres (10,810 feet) which last eruption was in May.

  • Killer Plant Eats Bird

    An exotic plant expert was stunned when he inspected one of his garden pitcher plants and discovered it had eaten a blue tit. Prize winning Nigel Hewitt Cooper one of Britain's leading carnivorous plant growers, from West Pennard, Somerset, couldn't believe his eyes when he checked the Nepenthes x mixta or Monkey Cup pitcher and found the dead bird inside. Normally the plants which are native to south east Asia consume insects which thy attract by secreting a sticky, sweet fluid at the bottom of the pitcher. Sometimes in the wild they have been known to kill small mammals like mice but Mr Hewitt Cooper who regularly wins prizes at the Chelsea flower show says for a cultivate plant to capture a bird is incredible.

  • Giant Mermaid

    A man adjusts a sculpture "Giant Mermaid" on the Alster lake in the northern German city of Hamburg on August 1, 2011. The sculpture is created by art and advertising agency headed by Oliver Voss.

  • Huge Pastry

    People look at a huge khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry) in central Batumi on July 28, 2011. The cake was baked using 100 eggs, 90 kilograms of cheese, 150 kilograms of flour, has 8 meters length and was eaten within 1minute 32 seconds by people at a street.

  • Velomobiles

    Velomobiles, recumbent bicycles with sleek, colorful outer shells, head for the open road in Portland, Ore., Thursday, July 28, 2011. Twenty five riders from Europe and twenty five riders from North America are on a cross-country trip which will finish on the U.S. Capitol steps in Washington D.C. on August 26. The bikers are trying to spread the message that sustainable, clean transportation can be fun.

  • Bobblehead Bishop

    Erie Catholic Bishop Donald W. Trautman has been immortalized in miniature with a bobblehead doll made in his likeness. The bobblehead comes as Trautman prepares to end his tenure as bishop of Erie.

  • Canadian bubble artist

    Canadian bubble artist Yang Fan, who has set world record by packing 118 people inside a soap bubble, performs at the Gazillion bubble show in Beijing on July 19, 2011. Yang has earned international acclaim as a result of his complex displays of "bubble theater". In addition to performing he has developed his own bubble solution formulas and equipment to create bubbles.

  • Giant Marilyn

    Newly-wed bride Magda Villasenor looks at "Forever Marilyn", a sculpture by Seward Johnson, on July 15, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The stainless steel and aluminum sculpture, which stands 26 feet tall and weighs 34,000 pounds, will be on display in Chicago through the spring of 2012. The sculpture was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's iconic scene in the 1955 movie "Seven Year Itch".

  • Hot Dog Hot Rod

    The iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile vehicle is seen outside of the New York Stock Exchange as part of its day-long 75th birthday celebration, Monday, July 18, 2011. To commemorate the milestone, the Oscar Mayer brand rang the closing bell at NYSE. (Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Oscar Mayer)

  • Harry Potter Corn Maze

    An aerial view of Top Pearsy's Maize Maze in the shape of Harry Potter, on July 11, 2011 in York, England. Farmer Tom Pearcy has cut two portraits of Harry Potter in his crop of maize plants. With some subtle differences the two images create the world's largest spot the difference competition. At over 50m in diameter, and cut out of over 1 million living maize plants, the York Maze is the largest 'Maize Maze' in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

  • Recycled Sailboat

    A sail boat made of recycled material makes its maiden voyage to mark World Oceans Day in Taipei, Taiwan, Wednesday, June 8, 2011.

  • Pontiac Deluxe Six 'Ghost Car'

    An extraordinary transparent car could fetch as much as GBP 295,000 when it goes up for auction.The motor, dubbed the 'Ghost Car', is a Pontiac Deluxe Six which has been covered in Plexiglas. The first transparent full-sized car to be made in America, it was built in 1939 by General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas. Billed as a vision of the future, it was a sensation at the 1939-40 New York World's Fair and continues to cause a stir today. Just two were ever made and this model, which has a three-speed manual transmission, is thought to be the last of its kind. It has clocked up just 86 miles in its lifetime; and now its set to go on sale for the first time since the early 1980s. It last sold for an undisclosed amount. American auctioneers RM expect it to sell for between $275,000 and $475,000.

  • Serbian Brides Race

    Serbian women take part in a wedding dress race in downtown Belgrade on June 19, 2011. More than fifty "brides" took part in an annual wedding dress race in the Serbian capital, competing for numerous prizes. (Andrej Isakovic, AFP/Getty Images)

  • World Naked Bike Ride

    People take part in the annual "London World Naked Bike Ride" event in central London on June 11, 2011. Now in it's eighth year, the event has seen participation grow from 58 in 2004 to 1,200 in 2009. Taking a route that passes many of London's most famous landmarks, the ride allows those participating to decorate their body with messages of protest against oil dependancy and motor vehicle usage.

  • Hanging Around

    British artist Alice Newstead hangs by shark hooks during her demonstration to protest against shark slaughter in Hong Kong on June 14. The protest was organized by marine conservation group Shark Savers, and supported by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics who are launching a global campaign to protect the sharks.

  • Reptile House

    Diska Putra, holds one of his snakes in bed at home on June 10, 2011 in Bintan, Indonesia. Putra, 24, cohabitates in Indonesian with a collection of 30 snakes, some of which are deadly poisonous.

  • Monkey God

    An Indian priest walks outside the temple of Hindu monkey God Hanuman in New Delhi early June 12, 2011. The highly popular monkey-god Hanuman known for his strength is worshipped for his unyielding devotion and selfless dedication to the Lord Rama.

  • Big Baby

    Ron Mueck's 'Big Baby' sculpture is displayed in front of Jenny Saville's painting 'Interfacing' at the Masterpieces Exhibition at Christie's on June 13, 2011 in London, England.

  • Drunken Knight

    A would-be knight who tried to woo a maiden by riding into her home on a horse is facing five years behind bars for aggravated burglary. Lovelorn Jan Rudnicki, 40, hatched the scheme to bowl over divorcee Gosia Domoslawska after a night's drinking down his local bar in Jarnoltowka, Poland. But terrified Gosia, 36, dialed 999 when her drunken suitor - stripped to the waist - galloped up her garden path and smashed his way through the front door like a battering ram.

  • Sideshow Fat Man Dies

    Bruce Snowdon, the last sideshow fat man, was honored in a memorial service on Jan. 30, 2010. Snowdon performed as "Harold Huge," and weighed 607 pounds (though by some billing he tipped the scale at 712 pounds). Here he is with fellow sideshow star Peter Terhurne, a fire-eating dwarf.

  • So, What Do You Do For a Living?

    Mexican tattoo artist and trained lawyer Maria Jose Cristerna, known as "Vampire Woman", attends the Fifth International Tattoo Convention in Bogota, Colombia, on June 4, 2011.

  • It's All Fun And Games...

    A Sufi Kalandar (wandering ascetic) performs an act of self torture during devotion at the annual death anniversary of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in Ajmer, India on June 2.

  • Indian spiritual guru Swami Baba Ramdev

    Indian spiritual guru Swami Baba Ramdev performs yoga during his hunger strike at the Pitanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar, some 240kms from New Delhi, on June 7, 2011. India's embattled prime minister on June 7 defended a police crackdown on a peaceful anti-graft demonstration led by a famous yoga guru, saying authorities had been left with no choice.

  • Kwok Mang Ho

    Chinese artist Kwok Mang Ho performs during the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice on June 1, 2011. The Biennale entitled Illuminazioni that will open to the public from June 4th to November 27th 2011, in the Giardini and the Arsenale exhibition venues, as well as in various other locations around the city.

  • Chinese Cabbage Art

    These glamour models look good enough to eat but will not turn your girlfriend green with envy - because they are made entirely of cabbage. Artist Ju Duoqi created the bizarre sculptures for her project called "The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage". Every body part is made from the vegetable. Ju is from Beijing, China. Pictured, some of Ju's work, made from cabbage leaves. This is entitled: 'An' (Ju Duoqi/Solent News & Photo Agency)

  • Chinese Cabbage Art

    These glamour models look good enough to eat but will not turn your girlfriend green with envy - because they are made entirely of cabbage. Artist Ju Duoqi created the bizarre sculptures for her project called "The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage". Every body part is made from the vegetable. Ju is from Beijing, China. Pictured, some of Ju's work, made from cabbage leaves. This is entitled: 'Susan' (Ju Duoqi/Solent News & Photo Agency)

  • Source:

    iTunes Alfred Morris weight watchers fandango google play Christmas Story after christmas sales

    Colorado Bed and Breakfast Guide: Enjoying the Hospitality of ...

    Colorado Bed and Breakfast Guide: Enjoying the Hospitality of Colorado's Finest book download

    Colorado Bed and Breakfast Guide: Enjoying the Hospitality of Colorado's Finest Marie T. Layton

    Marie T. Layton

    Accommodations Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Bed and Breakfasts 1892 Victoria's Keep Bed & Breakfast. See the Estes Park On-Line Cam. Get the Estes Park Weather daily. Estes Park On-Line - Video Guide and Internet TV for EP and RMNP The consummate list of links to everything in Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.. Hilton Hotels & Resorts | Hotel Rooms, Reservations & Business Hotels Make hotel reservations online & get discounts on the official Hilton Hotels & Resorts website. Accommodations Pikes Peak Colorado Springs Manitou Springs Choose from an array of accommodations, in the Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and the Pikes Peak Region for your next Colorado Vacation! Bed and Breakfasts, Motels. Devon Hotels, Things To Do In Devon For Visitors: Hotels, Walks, Things to do, Places to go. Anchor Inn Hartland Bideford - bed and breakfast accommodation. Our hotels meet the needs of business & leisure travelers. The Anchor Inn Pub Hartland near Bideford - Pubs with Holiday accommodation and rooms to let Hartland North Devon, good food Pub, family pub Hartland, children. Hotels Articles - Find Hotels Related Articles on Find Hotels articles at a free articles directory. 1892 Victoria's Keep features a large parlor for guests to relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the B&B. US Travel - How To Information | eHow US Travel: US Travel: Making plans to travel across America? Taking a road trip from New York to California? Visit eHow for essential info on traveling in the. Submit your articles for free distribution and find Hotels content for your website, Ezine or. Devon hotels, Devon hotels by the sea, holiday cottages in Devon. Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado summer activities, attractions, events, lodging, dining, deals, coupons, music, Colorado Vacations & Travel | Cheap Vacation Packages Planning a vacation to Colorado? CheapTickets is your destination for cheap Colorado vacations, travel, and vacation packages. Estes Park | Colorado Summer Vacation Guide | Things to do, Events

    Wealth Within Your Reach (Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo!) e-book


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    after christmas sales case mccoy case mccoy UFC 155 Jack Klugman merry Christmas a christmas story

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Mark Suster Talks Founder CEOs, The Acqui-Hire Frenzy, And Much More [TCTV]

    marksustertctvMark Suster of Los Angeles' GRP Partners is known for his unique insights on the tech and digital media worlds, having famously had success on "both sides of the table" as a repeat entrepreneur turned investor over nearly two decades in the industry. And he hit headlines several times this week, with his viewpoints on acqui-hires (he says they're often very bad) and founders stepping down from the CEO role (he says sometimes, it's the best thing that can happen.)


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    Authorities: Hofstra student killed by police

    MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) ? Authorities say a police officer's bullet killed a New York college student during the response to a home invasion at an off-campus home.

    Nassau County homicide squad Lt. John Azzata said Saturday night that Andrea Rebello was killed by a police officer as she was being held in a headlock by a masked intruder.

    Azzata says the police officer opened fire as Dalton Smith made a motion to fire at the officers early Saturday morning.

    Azzata says the officer fired eight shots, hitting Smith seven times and Rebello once in the head, killing her.

    Earlier Saturday, police said Smith had an extensive criminal history and was wanted on a parole violation related to a first-degree robbery conviction.


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    Forecasting in the Restaurant Industry, How Are Restaurants ...

    Forecasting in the Restaurant Industry, How Are Restaurants Keeping Up?

    May 19, 2013 by spr1322ohandler

    Forecasting is being used across the nation in order to find out what new foods and technologies are going to be used within the restaurant industry.? Since we are so attached to our technology, trends have changed drastically.

    The reports are showing that about half of the consumers interested in eating out are looking at menus online in order to see if the restaurant is up to their standards.? Thus, making it possibly harder for restaurants to bring in new customers if their menu is not up to par.? This is especially important because ??the typical American palate is now much more sophisticated than 10 to 20 years ago.??

    Because of this forecasting in restaurants is now not only for how many customers are coming in, but the newest trends in food.? And restaurants are having some difficulties getting customers to come and sit down at their establishment because about seventy percent is now coming from take out and food trucks out of convenience. ?Since seventy percent of the industry?s traffic is coming from off site many restaurants and food vendors have conformed to using food trucks that drive around neighborhood to neighborhood. However, the city of Chicago passed an ordinance that does not allow food to be prepared on the actual trucks.? This means that the vendors would either need a physical restaurant or at least access to a certified kitchen.? Due to this ordinance these vendors will have to either invest more money to continue or get out of the food truck industry.

    In order to keep up with these constant changes in the restaurant industry technology is being more relied upon in the actual establishments to encourage guests to come sit down and eat.? For example, at a Chili?s restaurant you will find a tablet on the table where you can play games, watch move previews, and pay your bill.? However, it is being said that more restaurants will participate by having iPads, in which, you can look at the menu and see more detailed pictures and descriptions of the menu items.

    Along with all of these trends, many consumers are now more conscious than ever about where there food actually comes from.? People are looking for sustainability especially in large cities where there are many neighborhoods that are considered food deserts.? Restaurants are recognizing this and most of the newly opened establishments really take pride in offering sustainable food that has come directly from local farms.? And other restaurants are changing their menus in order to be friendlier to locally grown ingredients.

    Do you typically go out to eat at an actual restaurant or do you find yourself getting take out?

    How do you feel about restaurants using more sustainably grown ingredients?

    Would you rather go to a restaurant that uses technology such as iPads or tablets for the tables or just a simple mom and pop?s?

    Posted in 0 MGT 301- Spring 2013, 2 Operations Strategy, 4 Forecasting, 5 Design of Goods and Services, 6 Managing Quality, 7 Sustainability | No Comments ?


    tony romo Good Friday 2013 good friday Dufnering What Is Good Friday Alexis Wright Monsanto Protection Act

    Can your iPhone's digital footprints reveal your physical location?

    Users of iPhones may be uniquely vulnerable to a new kind of cyberstalking that can reveal their real-life whereabouts, if they leave GPS and Wi-Fi activated.

    By Ben Weitzenkorn,?Tech News Daily / May 13, 2013

    A man leaves an Apple store with an iPhone and an iPad in his hands in central Beijing, April 1.

    Alexander F. Yuan / AP


    An Australian computer-security expert has created an application that lets anyone see the locations of the last three Wi-Fi access points used by an Apple iPhone or iPad ? information that could be used to deduce where the iOS device user lives.

    Skip to next paragraph

    ' + google_ads[0].line2 + '
    ' + google_ads[0].line3 + '

    '; } else if (google_ads.length > 1) { ad_unit += ''; } } document.getElementById("ad_unit").innerHTML += ad_unit; google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; } var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_client = "pub-6743622525202572"; google_ad_output = 'js'; google_max_num_ads = '1'; google_feedback = "on"; google_ad_type = "text"; // google_adtest = "on"; google_image_size = '230x105'; google_skip = '0'; // -->

    Melbourne-based researcher Hubert Seiwert's iSniff GPS, now freely available for anyone to download and use, combines three different Apple iOS features.

    None of the features pose any threat to privacy on their own, but when combined could tell strangers a lot about you.

    "This could be used to locate ... where people live," Seiwert told SC Magazine.

    Three's a crowdsource

    The first feature Seiwert used is well-known. Apple iOS devices that have both Wi-Fi and GPS turned on send the names and locations of all Wi-Fi access points they encounter back to the Apple mothership. The devices don't need to be connected to a specific access point for this to happen.

    This feature helps Apple's mapping services. Google does the same thing with Android devices. Users of both kinds of devices can turn the data-sharing off.

    The second feature is unique to iOS devices. Last year, security researcher Mark Wuergler of Miami-based Immunity Inc. found that iOS devices, when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi access point, will broadcast the unique network-interface IDs of the previous three Wi-Fi access points to which the devices actually did connect.

    These unique network-interface IDs, called MAC addresses, can be physically located when run against online location services that keep databases of such things.

    (MAC addresses differ from Wi-Fi access-point names such as "John's Wireless Router." MAC addresses are fixed, unique and used by machines to communicate with each other; Wi-Fi location names, also called SSIDs, can change at any time and exist for human convenience.)

    Wuergler told the tech blog Ars Technica in March 2012 that he'd combined the Apple MAC-address feature with Google Location Services for Android to create a proof-of-concept application called "Stalker."

    "I'll know where you work, I'll know where you live and know where you frequent," Wuergler said at the time. "If the last access point you connected to was your home, for example, I'll know right where to go to get to you later or get to your data."


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    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    nIcE Tv}}}} WatCH Preakness Stakes 2013 Live Streaming Online ...

    Preakness Stakes is the 2nd Horse race of Triple Crown which is the most wonderful,exciting ,anticipating & gorgeous horse race all over the world held in USA.
    Preakness Stakes 2013 is going to held on May 18, 2013 at Pimlico Race Course, 5201 Park Heights Avenue,Baltimore, Maryland 21215. I am welcom all horse race lover to enjoy the race.

    Preakness Stakes 2013
    Preakness day
    Saturday , May 18
    4:30 PM ET
    Pimlico Race Course
    5201 Park Heights Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215

    Preakness Stakes 2013 Contenders/Horses:
    Orb,Departing ,Goldencents,Govenor Charlie,Itsmyluckyday,Mylute,Normandy Invasion, Oxbow ,Street Spice ,Vyjack ,Will Take Charge

    HOW TO WATCH:Here I am telling the ways to watch The Preakness Stakes 2013 Live . One can watch directly,on TV or online also. You can also listen the Preakness Stakes 2013 Live on radio.

    Live on TV:
    Kentucky Derby 2013 Live Streaming in TV :NBCSN
    Live Online: Live on PC/ Live on Tablet/ Live on Mobile
    Preakness Stakes 2013 Live Streaming Online:HRTV
    Live on Radio:
    Preakness Stakes 2013 Live Streaming in Radio:CBS Radio

    Watch Live Directly:
    To watch directly please go to Pimlico Race Course on the day of the event buying tickets . You can go there by self auto service or public service. There are a lot of services & parking facilities there. To know more about Ticket and Parking please search on Brochure click here for more.

    So Watch & enjoy Preakness Stakes 2013 Live Horse Race show video on your PC,Laptop,Tablet or Mobile remaining in touch with US


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    Google Hangouts Has a Weird, Fun Multi-Cam Trick

    So, Google's new Hangouts app keeps all of your chats in sync across all of your devices. Cool, right? But what if you're in a video call on your phone, and then open the same video call on your computer. Boop! Suddenly there's two of you, as I just discovered when chatting with my friend Bay.

    You can now show two angles of yourself at the same time. Turn your head from one to the quickly for instant comedy. But why stop there? I pulled out my tablet, and yep, that worked, too. In the image above you can see there's three of me and two of him.

    This may not have been an intentional Easter egg, but it's fun nonetheless. There might actually be a modicum of utility, even. You could continue to show your face, while you use the camera on your phone to show some project that you're working on. Or maybe it's so you can switch from one device to the other without having to hang up. Really, though, you're just going to use it to weird people out, and that's just fine. But watch out for audio feedback. It can be harsh.


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    Experience A Limousine Service Fort Worth | Oregon Attractions ...

    Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


    Canelo vs Trout 420 Meteor Showers 2013 Darrelle Revis david ortiz record store day cnn

    Bangladesh Bloggers Face Constant Death Threats Since Government Labeled Them 'Atheist'

    WASHINGTON -- Even though Rasel Parvez is out of prison, he isn't out of danger.

    "They have pushed my life to a state in which I cannot walk free. I remain in self-confinement day after day, and my social relations are mostly snapped," said Parvez, 36, in an interview with The Huffington Post.

    He is talking about the Bangladeshi government, which arrested him and three other bloggers last month for "derogatory comments about Islam." Parvez, who is currently out on bail, has been branded with the label "atheist" blogger because he dared to criticize the abuse of religion by politicians.

    It took Parvez and Subrata Adhikary Shuvo, 24, another arrested blogger, more than a month to obtain bail. The other two -- Mashiur Rahman Biplob, 42, and Asif Mohiuddin, 30 -- remain in jail.

    But Parvez's own home in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital city, has become something of a prison, as he fears for his life whenever he steps outside.

    After his release from jail, some of his most vociferous critics took to Facebook to offer rewards to anyone who killed Parvez, with one offer as high as $12,871 in U.S. dollars. (Per capita income in Bangladesh in 2010 was $641 a year.)

    "Who knows -- some of them may be waiting just outside my house," said Parvez.

    His wife, Asma Begum, said she's at her wit's end. She does her best to protect Parvez -- among other things, preventing him from taking phone calls until she has checked the caller's identity.

    "His insecurity means the entire family is in danger," Begum said.

    "I don't know if he could go to the office again. I am not sure if it is safe now to shift our home and find a new address. And how long should I expect him to live an imprisoned life like this?" she asked.

    Newcomers to Bangladesh's blogosphere consider Parvez a first-generation blogger. A graduate in physics from the University of Connecticut, he has tried to use science to challenge religious doctrine in his home country. But he said he has never written anything that was intended to defame the Prophet Muhammad.

    The term blogger, let alone "atheist" blogger, was barely known in the country before February of this year, when activists took to a busy intersection in Dhaka, demanding that all war criminals from Bangladesh's 1971 battle for independence be hanged. An online call by bloggers, dissatisfied over the sentencing of a war criminal to life in prison -- even after his complicity in war atrocities was proved -- touched off the protest known as the Shahbagh movement.

    Since then, bloggers have found themselves in the cross hairs, with death threats becoming part of the job. One of them was killed in February by Islamist fundamentalists, who justified the murder by saying the blogger was a nonbeliever. More broadly, a massive smear campaign was launched targeting bloggers.

    Following a demand by a little-known Islamist party called Hefazat-e-Islam, the government arrested the four bloggers, including Parvez, in early April. Even before any formal charges were brought against them, the men were labeled "atheists" and paraded before the media.

    "While standing before the media after my arrest, I could feel how this exposure would endanger my life," said Parvez, adding, "I have yet to get an idea about the extent of the jeopardy I am in. I need to know how well-known I am by the identity of an 'atheist' blogger."

    But Parvez started to get a feel for his dangerous situation while in jail. The bloggers were put in a 10x10 foot interrogation room with other prisoners -- including individuals who clearly wished them ill, according to Parvez.

    "Three of them had been arrested for a January attack on Asif [Mohiuddin], who needed 56 stitches to close the wounds inflicted in his neck and parts of his body upwards," said Parvez.

    Along with Mohiuddin's attackers, the cell also contained a handful of activists with Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamist party whose top leaders are facing war crimes charges. They were furious at the sight of Mohiuddin and proceeded to curse and threaten all the bloggers for approximately two hours, Parvez recalled.

    He said the other prisoners taunted them with such threats as, "Even if we could not kill them you, our brothers will definitely succeed. Those standing against our religion deserve to be assassinated."

    That wasn't all the bloggers had to endure while incarcerated. When they were transferred to the local prison, the news of their arrival proceeded them, according to Parvez, and other Jamaat-e-Islami supporters, already in prison, gathered to scorn them.

    "They knew Asif, as his photograph was published in the media after he was attacked. They became sure of our identity, seeing Asif with us. They used all kinds of derogatory and dirty language as they talked. They even threatened to harass us sexually; some threatened to rape us," Parvez recollected.

    The bloggers were kept confined to their cells around the clock for the first three days.

    Now, the government suggests the bloggers should agree to stay in prison for the next five years for their personal security.

    "How can I stay in jail for five years when I have kids and a family?" lamented Parvez.

    "I have heard about the rewards announced to get my head," he said. "The amount of money promised is enough to encourage at least a thousand killers to get the job done, given that sometimes only 2,000 taka [about $25.74] can get your enemy killed in Bangladesh."

    "; var coords = [-5, -72]; // display fb-bubble FloatingPrompt.embed(this, html, undefined, 'top', {fp_intersects:1, timeout_remove:2000,ignore_arrow: true, width:236, add_xy:coords, class_name: 'clear-overlay'}); });


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    Powerball jackpot closing in on another record

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) ? A little more than a year after three tickets split a world-record lottery prize, the jackpot for Saturday's Powerball drawing was nearing historic territory.

    Should nobody pick the correct six numbers, the prize money will roll over to next week's drawing and almost certainly eclipse the $656 million doled out to winners in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland in the Mega Millions game in March 2012.

    But the record could fall Saturday night too if a flurry of last-minute ticket purchases pushes the jackpot much above its current $600 million level. Since the previous drawing on Wednesday, it had grown by at least $236 million.

    "If there was no chance, you wouldn't do it," said New Jersey attorney Rubin Sinins, who represented five construction workers who claimed a colleague cheated them out of a share of a multimillion-dollar lottery jackpot.

    It seems simple enough: Just correctly pick five white balls out of a drum of 59 and one red one out of a drum of 35.

    However, the odds of a single $2 ticket hitting the correct combination are about 1 in 175.2 million. That's slightly less likely than randomly drawing the name of one specific female in the United States: 1 in 157 million, according to the last census.

    With such an astronomic payoff available for the lucky ticket holder, some buyers are content to settle for just a share of the winnings.

    In Houston, city firefighter John Paetow and a dozen of his colleagues kicked in $10 each for the drawing, as they do occasionally when a the stakes soar into the lottery stratosphere.

    "With firemen it's a camaraderie thing," said Paetow, 59. "It just makes sense to pool our money; it buys more tickets, gives us a better chance of winning."

    Even if Saturday's drawing doesn't top last year's Mega Millions jackpot, it's already the highest in Powerball history, surpassing that game's $587.5 million record set in November 2012.

    A major reason for the sales surge is that last month, Powerball landed the nation's most populous state as California joined 42 others that offer the game. California lottery director Robert O'Neill said the state had brought "sunshine and good fortune" to Powerball.

    The Multi-State Lottery Association conducts the drawing live Saturday night from Tallahassee, Fla. The balls are weighed and X-rayed, and there are practice runs before the official televised version.


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    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Stocks rise on hopeful signs for the US economy

    Trader Kevin Lodewick works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, May 2, 2013. Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street, a day after the market's biggest fall in two weeks, after General Motors and other big companies announced higher profits. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

    Trader Kevin Lodewick works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, May 2, 2013. Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street, a day after the market's biggest fall in two weeks, after General Motors and other big companies announced higher profits. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

    (AP) ? Encouraging news about the U.S. economy extended the stock market's rally Friday.

    Small-company stocks rose the most, a sign that investors are taking on more risk. Two companies soared in their stock-market debuts in the latest indication that the market for initial public offerings is reviving.

    A gauge of future economic activity rose more than analysts had expected, as did a measure of consumer confidence, adding to evidence that the economy is steadily recovering.

    Stocks closed higher for a fourth straight week. Indexes are at record levels after surging this year on optimism about the economy and record corporate earnings. The market is also being supported by ongoing stimulus from the Federal Reserve, which is keeping long-term borrowing costs at historically low levels.

    "This slow but relatively steady growth, that keeps inflation in check and keeps interest rates low, is actually a pretty healthy environment for the stock market," said Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co. "Right now we are very optimistic."

    General Motors rose $1.03, or 3.2 percent, to $33.42. The automaker's stock is trading above the $33 price of its November, 2010 initial public offering for the first time in two years.

    Northrop Grumman gained $3.17, or 3.2 percent, to $82.19 after the defense contractor said its board approved the repurchase of another $4 billion in stock, and that it plans to buy back a quarter of its outstanding shares by the end of 2015.

    The Dow Jones industrial average rose 121.18 points, or 0.8 percent, to 15,354.40. The index gained 1.6 percent for the week and is up 17.2 percent for the year.

    The index started higher, then drifted through the rest of the morning. The index added to its gains in the afternoon, climbing about 70 points in the last two hours of the day.

    The Standard & Poor' 500 index rose 15.65 points, or 1 percent, to 1,666.12. The gauge is up 2 percent this week and has gained 16.8 percent this year.

    After some lackluster reports on the economy Thursday, including slowing manufacturing and an increase in applications for unemployment benefits, Friday's reports were a tonic for investors.

    The Conference Board said its index of leading economic indicators rose 0.6 percent last month after a revised decline of 0.2 percent in March. The index is intended to predict how the economy will be doing in three to six months.

    The University of Michigan's preliminary survey of consumer confidence climbed to 83.7. Economists had predicted that the gauge would climb to 76.8.

    The strength of the rally in stocks has taken many by surprise, leaving investors waiting for a drop in prices to get into the market, said Jim Anderson, an investment specialist at JPMorgan. The S&P 500 index hasn't fallen for two consecutive days in a month.

    "Everyone is waiting for a pullback," Anderson said. "Every client asks me, 'When are we getting a pullback?' With so many people waiting for it, and pouncing on it when it arrives, it's over so quickly."

    As well as giving stocks a lift, the positive economic reports also pushed government bond yields higher. The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 1.96 percent from 1.88 percent Thursday as investors favored riskier assets.

    The yield, which moves inversely to its prices, has jumped since May 3 after the government reported that hiring picked up sharply in April. The note started trading that day at 1.63 percent, its low for the year.

    The move to riskier assets also gave small stocks a lift. The Russell 2000, an index of smaller companies, rose 10.94 points, or 1.1 percent, to 996.28. The index has surged this month and is performing better than both the Dow and the S&P 500 for the year. It's up 17.3 percent so far in 2013.

    Small stocks are doing well partly because they are more focused on the U.S., which is recovering, and don't rely as much on sales from recession-plagued Europe, as larger companies do.

    Gold fell for a seventh straight day, dropping $22.20, or 1.6 percent, to $1,364 an ounce. The precious metal is down almost 20 percent this year and has fallen out of favor as an alternative investment as the stock market has surged this year.

    The demand for gold as an alternative asset is also being undermined by a recent surge in the U.S. dollar. The U.S. currency advanced against both the euro and the yen Friday. The ICE dollar index, which measures the strength of the U.S. currency against a group of six currencies, is at its highest in two years.

    The price of oil rose 86 cents, or 0.9 percent, to $96.02 a barrel.

    The Nasdaq composite climbed 33.72 points, or 1 percent, to 3,498. The technology-heavy stock index got a small boost from Facebook, which climbed 12 cents, or 0.5 percent, to $26.25 on the one-year anniversary of its initial public offering.

    Facebook slumped in the first four months after its market debut on concern that it wasn't doing enough to develop mobile advertising. Despite recovering since then, it's still trading below its IPO price of $38.

    Two software companies had more success in their stock market debuts on Friday. Marketo surged $10.10, or 77.7 percent, to $23.10 on its stock market debut. Tableau software rose $19.75, or 63.7 percent, to $50.75 on its first day of trading.

    The standout performance made the two companies the two best performing IPOs of the year. So far, 22 companies have prices stock sales in May, making this the biggest month for stock market debuts since November 2007, according to Renaissance Capital.

    Among other stocks making big moves;

    ? J.C. Penney fell 78 cents, or 4.2 percent, to $18.01 after the retailer reported a loss that was worse than analysts' already dismal estimates. The retailer is reeling from the fallout from a failed turnaround plan orchestrated by its former CEO Ron Johnson, who was ousted last month after less than a year and a half on the job.

    ? Autodesk fell $2.67, or 6.7 percent, to $37.11, after the design software company posted disappointing first-quarter results and lowered its forecasts for the year.

    Associated Press


    Superbowl Kickoff Time 2013 30 rock What Time Is The Super Bowl 2013 Super Bowl 2013 Time BlackBerry 10 superbowl Ron Jeremy

    14 Reasons to Keep Your Gadgets Away from Open Flame

    Some men (and women!) just want to see the world burn. Others are content to focus more specifically on technology. Whichever one you are, if you've ever thought about chucking a misbehaving iPod into the incinerator, you're going to enjoy this.

    Who's up for some catharsis?

    A Canon EOS 7D digital single lens reflex camera during a durability test

    Source: DigitalRev TV

    Destroyed in a house fire: DVD player, Digital Converter box, speaker, Santa

    Photo: Travis S.

    Old cell phone burning

    Source: gamerzak

    Fires and dryers don't mix

    Photo: Travis S.

    32GB iPhone meets its demise

    Source: xarisaris

    Melted iPhone cable

    Photo: Dan Melinger

    A monitor's last visual triumph

    Source: eggy15

    Phoenix laptop

    Photo: secumem/Wikimedia Commons

    Roasting an Android tablet

    Source: Kenzie Khaos

    Destroying a Nokia E71 cellular phone

    Source: technologybreaks

    RC car burns rubber

    Source: SuperMatinator

    A GoPro action cam case isn't built for this particular action

    Source: jai MANSSON

    Destruction of an iPod

    Source: Kscope

    Ditching your cable plan's got nothing on burning your TV

    Source: thebenthejaminable

    Top animgif source: acme663ryo


    groundhog day Ed Koch Groundhog Day 2013 What Time Is The Superbowl Caleb Moore House of Cards Warm Bodies

    Brain makes call on which ear is used for cell phone

    May 16, 2013 ? If you're a left-brain thinker, chances are you use your right hand to hold your cell phone up to your right ear, according to a newly published study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

    The study -- to appear online in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery -- shows a strong correlation between brain dominance and the ear used to listen to a cell phone. More than 70% of participants held their cell phone up to the ear on the same side as their dominant hand, the study finds.

    Left-brain dominant people -- who account for about 95% of the population and have their speech and language center located on the left side of the brain -- are more likely to use their right hand for writing and other everyday tasks.

    Likewise, the Henry Ford study reveals most left-brain dominant people also use the phone in their right ear, despite there being no perceived difference in their hearing in the left or right ear. And, right-brain dominant people are more likely to use their left hand to hold the phone in their left ear.

    "Our findings have several implications, especially for mapping the language center of the brain," says Michael Seidman, M.D., FACS, director of the division of otologic and neurotologic surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Henry Ford.

    "By establishing a correlation between cerebral dominance and sidedness of cell phone use, it may be possible to develop a less-invasive, lower-cost option to establish the side of the brain where speech and language occurs rather than the Wada test, a procedure that injects an anesthetic into the carotid artery to put part of the brain to sleep in order to map activity."

    He notes that the study also may offer additional evidence that cell phone use and tumors of the brain, head and neck may not necessarily be linked.

    Since nearly 80% of people use the cell phone in their right ear, he says if there were a strong connection there would be far more people diagnosed with cancer on the right side of their brain, head and neck, the dominant side for cell phone use. It's likely, he says, that the development of tumors is more "dose-dependent" based on cell phone usage.

    The study began with the simple observation that most people use their right hand to hold a cell phone to their right ear. This practice, Dr. Seidman says, is illogical since it is challenging to listen on the phone with the right ear and take notes with the right hand.

    To determine if there is an association between sidedness of cell phone use and auditory or language hemispheric dominance, the Henry Ford team developed an online survey using modifications of the Edinburgh Handedness protocol, a tool used for more than 40 years to assess handedness and predict cerebral dominance.

    The survey included questions about which hand was used for tasks such as writing; time spent talking on cell phone; whether the right or left ear is used to listen to phone conversations; and if respondents had been diagnosed with a brain or head and neck tumor.

    It was distributed to 5,000 individuals who were either with an otology online group or a patient undergoing Wada and MRI for non-invasive localization purposes.

    On average, respondents' cell phone usage was 540 minutes per month. The majority of respondents (90%) were right handed, 9% were left handed and 1% was ambidextrous.

    Among those who are right handed, 68% reported that they hold the phone to their right ear, while 25% used the left ear and 7% used both right and left ears. For those who are left handed, 72% said they used their left ear for cell phone conversations, while 23% used their right ear and 5% had no preference.

    The study also revealed that having a hearing difference can impact ear preference for cell phone use.

    In all, the study found that there is a correlation between brain dominance and laterality of cell phone use, and there is a significantly higher probability of using the dominant hand side ear.

    Studies are underway to look at tumor registry banks of patients with head, neck and brain cancer to evaluate cell phone usage. Controversy still exists around a potential association of cell phone use and tumors. Until this is fully understood, Dr. Seidman advises using hands-free modes for calls rather than holding a phone up to the side of the head.


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