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How Do 'Bath Salts' Drive People Crazy?

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Dewey's bankruptcy: Let the rumble begin ... - The Finance Room


A sign marking the Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP headquarters on 6th avenue is seen in New York(Reuters) - As law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf embarks on the humbling process of working through bankruptcy, creditors and former partners are bracing themselves for a nasty court battle that could drag on for years. Dewey, a storied firm with deep Wall Street connections, filed for Chapter 11 protection on Monday night. The firm had veered toward collapse over the last six months amid revelations of fat salary guarantees, risky loans and a culture of secrecy. Some former partners have hired lawyers in anticipation of clawback suits by the estate. ...






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Sales Pro: Business Development Consultant - Recruitment Solutions

Job ID: 72173

Job Views: 79

Location: City,

Job Category: HR / Recruitment

Employment Type: Full time


Posted: Wed May 30

Keywords (tags):

Job Description

Business Development Executive - Sales, Recruitment


RSG is one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in the UK with a turnover in excess of ?140million; one of our divisions (Sanderson) is already rated as the fifth largest IT Recruitment Company in the UK and we have taken the difficult trading conditions of the last few years and attacked the market head on, achieving compound growth in excess of 25% per annum. We have an immediate vacancy for a Business Development Executive to be based in our London office.

The Business Development Executive will identify and attract new business from warm leads from the business development evaluation process. You will research new business opportunities and develop relationships with key business targets. You will take a keen interest in the recruitment industry and the industries we serve and understand trends and developments therein.

The successful candidate will have previous experience in a new business sales role and will have performed a telephone based sales or marketing position. You will ideally have an understanding of the recruitment industry and will be keen to progress into a role which involves conceptual and solution selling. You will be an outstanding communicator with excellent listening, presentation and networking skills. We are looking for a highly motivated individual who has consistently proved successful against targets.

RSG believe in giving people real opportunity. This philosophy is designed to enable the real achievers to make a mark within our organisation. RSG take people with the potential to achieve and give them genuine responsibility and accountability and the chance to input into the key business strategies of the organisation. We also give them the opportunity to earn and develop their career.

Contact Details

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

painless rove: moonshine boost: Health and Fitness: Hand Wrist ...

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Surprise! Announcing The TC Mini-Meet Up In Philadelphia On June ...

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Auto insurance rates and car types | Best Car Automotive

Auto insurance rates and car types

Some car owners tend to get surprised when they learn about different insurance rates for different car types. From their point of view, it doesn?t matter whether it?s a small car or a hot rod as long as they have a good driving record and don?t get in trouble in traffic. Even so, for auto insurance providers, it?s a whole distinct perspective and they will charge you with different premiums depending on the type of car you?re trying to insure. In this perspective, you should bear in mind the following characteristics of each car type and make your decisions correctly if you want your auto insurance budget to be limited:

Small cars

Small cars are generally quite cheap and rather comfortable in the conditions of a big city with heavy traffic. They typically have low engine volumes, top speed, get stolen quite rarely and are inexpensive to handle at repair. Nevertheless, auto insurance can sometimes be a bit costly for small cars because they tend to get damaged very bad during accidents. The laws of physics aren?t on small cars? side during collisions because the smaller object tends to get the most damage regardless of the safety features the manufacturer has included. Due to this costly claims tend to arise more often with such vehicles, and the insurers respond with respective pricing.

Medium sized cars and family vehicles

Medium class cars are typically regarded as the safest and the cheapest to insure. Of course, it depends on the particular make and model, but the general rule is that these cars are quite safe, have low repair costs and theft rates, and tend to get damaged much less than smaller vehicles during an accident. As a result, you will usually get the best auto insurance rates for this car type.


SUVs are certainly very comfortable and give you a whole different perspective in traffic. However, it?s the size that we all love that can be a problem with these vehicles. Due to their size and increased mass as compared to other vehicle types SUVs tend to produce more damage during accidents, especially involving other cars. The third party liability in case of an SUV is likely to be higher because the other car tends to get damaged quite bad and there are likely to be injuries as well. Added to the higher repair costs for such vehicles SUVs are usually more expensive to insure.

Sports cars

Sports cars often seem as an advantageous option for car buyers since they are both cool and cheap. However, when it comes to insuring a typical sports car, you will actually have a hard time finding cheap auto insurance because insurers tend to classify such cars as high risk. Increased top speed, engine volume, elevated theft and accident rates as well as the likelihood to produce a very serious car crash all contribute to expensive auto insurance rates for sports vehicles.

Luxury vehicles

It?s logic that expensive luxury cars will cost more to insure than other car types. Nevertheless, it?s not because they are costlier to purchase ? insurers have other reasons to charge higher rates for such vehicles. First of all, they are usually very costly to repair, often requiring exclusive and overpriced repair parts that are hard to find in an ordinary repair shop. Moreover, such vehicles are often targeted by car thieves and burglars due to their value and exclusivity. So don?t expect to get cheap auto insurance for any luxury car.

auto insurance rates, costly claims, distinct perspective, insurance budget, sized cars

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Business Venture Mistakes On Raising Startup Capital | EzAdBlaster ...

Business Venture: Mistakes On Raising Startup Capital

You have a great business venture idea and you are raising startup capital but why is that nobody wants to invest in your business? There is always room for improvement. There are several mistakes on raising startup capital that could be the reason why it is difficult for banks or for venture capital firms to invest on your business.

Robin Cross stated in her article that there are 3 groups of mistakes made when raising startup capital: ?poor preparation, structuring the agreement and managing the money.? This is truly the reasons why entrepreneurs would find their loan applications and investment applications rejected. By avoiding these blunders, then there would definitely be a higher possibility of having a your business financed.

Poor Preparation

There are entrepreneurs thinking that enthusiasm and passion would be enough to start and keep a business. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a startup capital, investors are not only looking for proper attitudes, they are also looking for a complete and solid business plan.

When going to a meeting with bank or venture capital officers, you would like to be prepared with your business plan. This would show how important the venture it is. Nothing is more disastrous when an applicant files an application that has incomplete business plan.

You do not need just funds, you would also need management skills. Another common mistake is forgetting about the managerial aspects of the business. A bank loan grantor and venture capital investor are looking for something when they meet you, how you will return their money and investment. Nobody could be successful without relying or having somebody to help. You would have to get the best people out there.

Structuring the Agreement

There are surveys done by U.S. Bank in 2004 showed that there are small businesses who fail because they start with little amount of money. Most of the entrepreneurs who applies for starting capital are actually asking for the amount based on the best performance of their business. It is important to calculate the amount you will be needing in the worst scenario that could happen.

Others would commit mistake of actually not being too conscious about the legal agreements. If you are not confident with dealing with angel investors or VC firms, then it is for the best to get a lawyer that has experience about this kind of agreements. This would ensure that the terms would not be taking advantage of you and your business.

Managing the Money

Proper management is the key. It is natural to have difficulties on the first year, but overcoming it is important. There are entrepreneurs that would start a business just because of getting excited over it, but once they experienced a difficulty, they would let it go completely. When having difficulties with business, some entrepreneurs tend to keep the problem to themselves.

That is something you should not do! Look for people who can help you. Of course, there are mentors who are willing to help you out with your business issues. Asking for help or guidance is not a sign of weakness, rather it is about acknowledging your weaknesses and working to overcome them.

You do not have to build a fortress around your business, community involvement can help you get additional business contacts and at the same time impart your blessings and knowledge to other people.

Your business venture would benefit a lot from startup capital offered by different institutions. But it is not just enough to get the capital, what happens with money when it is already in your hands would decide what would happen to your business. Startup capital for your venture is just a boost.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Instagram grew 78 percent in April, but where does it fit into Facebook?s plans?


Instagram saw a dramatic boost to its traffic between the months of March and April thanks to news of its Android app debut and acquisition by Facebook. But is it possible that Instagram plays a larger picture in Facebook's rumored foray into the production of its own smartphone?

There?s one thing that Facebook can boast in the wake of Zynga?s acquisition of Draw Something: Its acquisition of Instagram didn?t result in the app?s death. In fact, Instagram?s performance solidifies its prominence in the camera app market. ComScore has revealed that Instagram has been the top performing Internet property with traffic increasing by a whopping 78 percent between the months of March and April 2012. That?s great an all, but what does Facebook have planned for its acquisition? And what is its underlying motivation?

Note that these comScore figures aren?t a true indicator of Instagram?s performance, as it only takes into consideration the mobile app?s Web presence. While its success would be best measured by the number of downloads and active users, it?s evident that a number of high-profile announcements factored into April?s jump. The long awaited debut of its Android application on April 3 opened the flood gates to an untapped market of Android users. And, of course, the last-minute $1 billion acquisition of Instagram by Facebook likely helped as well.

While April was a significant month, we shouldn?t expect the same dramatic growth in the coming months; Instagram is currently awaiting the Federal Trade Commission?s investigation into a possible anti-trust violation by Facebook. The issue could take up to six months to resolve. More importantly, Facebook?s announcement of its own Instagram competitor, Facebook Camera, could spell trouble for Instagram. Plus, as our readers have indicated, Facebook may not have Instagram?s best interest in mind. Facebook?s focus on its products?will remain on its Camera app, while Instagram may be neglected seeing as how it?was most likely a user?acquisition.?

So where will Facebook?s Instagram users be leveraged? While Instagram has grown its user base to 50 million users, Facebook?s rumored plans to acquire?Opera, and its launch of an app store and Messenger app, clues us into Facebook?s motives for Instagram. While we speculated that Facebook?s Camera app launch may have been motivated by its poor NASDAQ opening, which to an extent has merit as a PR stunt, Facebook?s motivations appears to run deeper that.

It?s not hard to realize that the social network is looking to extend some of its core features into mobile apps we?ve discussed before. But here?s where we get speculative. It?s entirely plausible that while Facebook is slowly developing its mobile experience for users with new Facebook branded apps and increasing its brand presence on mobile phones, the company is slowly preparing for its first horizontal integration via the rumored Facebook phone. After Facebook has comfortably developed and grown its core suite of Facebook mobile applications, while at the same time maintaining?acquisitions?including Instagram, we could expect these apps to be ported over to the Facebook phone, and displayed as Facebook?s native applications. Thanks to Instagram that could mean the potential for 50 million Facebook phone owners. Or there?s always the possibility that Instagram could be enveloped by Facebook Camera, although that may be a stretch.

So if our speculations have a semblance of merit, we?re going to see more mobile app acquisitions by Facebook as part of a calculated?move into a horizontal business model. After all, in its current state, Facebook is merely a social network. To achieve Google?s prominence and notoriety, Facebook needs to expand its business and evolve from its standing as just a social network.

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UCLA vs. USC Saturday Baseball Open Thread: Beat The Trojans Again

Photo Credit: Scott Wu

Last night went well for UCLA. The offense couldn't quite get going, but the pitching held USC off despite not being at their best, which is what good teams have to do. That said, it's time to get the offense going and get easier innings from the pitchers instead of working out of trouble all game. That's the goal today as the Bruins try to keep their recent dominance of the Trojans going and win another series.

Nick Vander Tuig will start for UCLA and as is always the case when Vander Tuig starts, it's more about keeping the Bruins in the game than dominating. But that's what Vander Tuig does and it's been very effective, as evidenced by his eight wins on the year.

If you won't be out at the ballpark enjoying the sun and hopefully a Bruins win then you can tune in with John Ramey and Tim Wilhelm, who will have the call online. Of course, make sure to check my UCLA baseball twitter for game updates, notes, observations and everything else on the program. This is your open thread as the Bruins try to take the series so fire away.

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Why Facials are Important? ? Beauty, Health and Fitness

The skin comes into focus as not only being the largest organ in the human body but also as the most exposed organ to harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants. Though following healthy diet program, working out regularly and drinking plenty of water may reflect in your skin and overall health in a positive way, these may not prove beneficial to flush out impurities embedded deep in the inner layers of skin. Perhaps the best way to wash away the dirt and pollutants from your skin is to undergo a pampering facial treatment.

Nevertheless, beyond the removal of toxins, facial treatment contributes a lot to tremendously enhance the texture and tone of your skin by improving blood circulation and fighting aging signs. Facial treatments are further considered an excellent stress buster, since it is accompanied by steps including soothing massage that helps to relax and relieve the tension of facial muscles.

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Consider Children's Nutrition - Theeclipsepodcast Fitness And ...

May 12


Posted by admin on May 26, 2012
Posted in Nutrition? | Tagged With: Body Fight, First Fifteen Years, Food Pyramid, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Fruits, Glass Of Milk, Good Food, Good Nutrition, Good Recipes, Green Leafy Vegetables, Health Benefits, Healthy Diet, Healthy Eating Habits, Healthy Foods, Junk Food, Muscles Of The Body, Nutritious Food, Pulses, Right Time, Type Of Food

What children eat is what will determine his health in his childhood, and also in the last years of his life. Since childhood is the age of growth, the body needs many nutrients essential for healthy growth of bones and muscles of the body. These are the first fifteen years of life, which will determine the health of the child for life. Not only lead to the accumulation of a healthy child, but good nutrition in the early years of life will also help prevent disease and help the body fight against disease in the next life.

It is you; the parents determine the type of food your child eats. To make it easier for children to adopt healthy eating habits, you should do your habits. Your child will most likely do what he sees you. Always remember that your diet will affect your child?s nutrition. Make sure you take three times a day, at the right time, and you sit with your child. While you and your child eats the same food, explaining the health benefits of good food you eat. This will encourage children to eat healthy foods and avoid junk food, which is of no good.

So what should your child?s nutrition is actually composed of? Take a look at the food pyramid, and encourage your child to eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are beneficial. Try to prepare food that consists of all classes of food. For example, a glass of milk or juice with the cereal and fresh fruit could be the perfect breakfast, and then after a few pulses with vegetables for lunch, with a dinner of meat and rice, to serve nutritious food to be perfect for the day. Try looking around for some good recipes nutrition, so that your child enjoys the food he eats.

Give your child the opportunity to choose the food he wants to eat is also good. This way you can know if your child tends to healthy foods or unhealthy. If you instill the love of your child a healthy diet in childhood and later, if he gets a choice between a hamburger and a plate with rice and vegetables, he would choose the last option.

Last but not least, do not be impatient. The desired result can be achieved by one or two days or a week, and not even a month. Be patient. It may take several years for your child to adopt healthy eating habits. Because the continual introduction of new foods is more tempting for children, your child is more likely to be attracted to them. Give it time, and continue to work to feed your children healthy foods, and explains the nutritional benefits, and to tell him about the negative unhealthy food, which seems more tempting.

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High risk personal loans with bad credit - Helps out the Highly Risky ...

Gone are the days where obtaining financing with a bad credit involved a lot of hassles where some lender would only consider people with such after presenting some security. Nowadays, there are lenders who are offering high risk personal loans with bad credit where no collateral is required and applications are considered regardless of the applicant?s credit score. However, these loans are very expensive due to their high interest rates.


High risk bad credit personal loans are characterized by:


Easy requirements: the two main requirements that make it hard for a considerable number of borrowers to qualify for some loans is the need to pledge collateral and a high credit score. Since these are not there on high risk bad credit personal loans, a huge number of applications usually go through since the other requirements are easy to satisfy where lenders may ensure that you have a regular income and you have over 18 years of age.


Little funding: some of the causes of a poor credit score are defaulting, bankruptcy, late repayments and home foreclosure among others. You can therefore agree that loaning out cash to such borrowers is very risky and this is why you will find lenders allowing only some little funding on high risk personal loans with bad credit. The loans will therefore work for small financial needs and you should consider other options for huge funding.


Very strict terms: this means that you will have to stick to the terms that you agree to when signing the loan documents up to the time you are done honoring your debt. In case of any violations on the terms given on high risk personal loans with bad credit, you will be penalized some very huge fees and this is why you should keenly go through the fine print on the loans to ensure that you seal a deal that you will comfortably stick to.


Honor your debt promptly


Having to deal with bad credit loans all the time can be really costly and this is why you should try to improve on your credit rating on qualifying for high risk bad credit loans. A better credit score will also get you better terms and repayment programs in future and you can rebuild your bad credit by:


? Making repayments on the loans promptly

? Sticking to all agreed terms

? Maintaining longer but clean loan periods


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Friday, May 25, 2012

internet marketing,online business,onli - Basic Tips of 2012 Internet ...

by Sandy Richad
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internet marketing,online business,onli More Details about internet marketing,online business,onli here.

When you start an online business, you need to do internet marketing to enhance it. There are different ways of internet marketing which may help you to boost up your online business. Internet marketing consists of methods through which you put advertisement of your products on various websites so that sale of your products should increase. You may have to offer different schemes and gift vouchers to increase your online business. Some of the basic tips for internet marketing are given here which may help you to enhance your online business:

* Promotion of your online business is a basic thing to attract maximum number of visitors to your website. Post continuous ads in online classifieds and on social networking sites. In this way you may reach large number of people and present them your products and services * You should learn some programming tips to become successful in online business. This will help you to customize your website and save money. You would not require hiring a professional to work on your website and make changes. * To create regular blogs is an important internet marketing tool to enhance online business. It is a convenient way of providing information to your potential customers about your new products and promotions. Blogs also help to improve your ranking. * Content of your website should be catchy and easily readable by your targeted customers. Important words and phrases that exhibit your message should be clear and bold so that your customers can easily read them. * You can use various online tools to analyze number of visitors and actual sale of your products. It helps to analyze your success. * Another important internet marketing tip is to check all the complaints submitted by your customers personally. If you reply back to your customers from your personal email id it will definitely help to create a perfect bonding between you and your customers. * You can also take help of online marketing services to take your business to new heights. Online marketing service providers offer you different marketing strategies to enhance your business.

Online business seems to be an easy job but when you get into it, you come to know that it is a tough work to maintain and carry on an online business successfully. Your information should be true and relevant to your products. Content of your website should be appealing to your customers. You should do a deep search about your customers and find out what do they want so that you may create similar things for them. You know every person is different and has different way of thinking. Thus, you have to work from different angles to satisfy each and every person to achieve success. Social networking sites are important in internet marketing as it gives you an interface to large number of people all over the globe. Get constant feedback from your customers to improve your services. You can also use mobile for reaching people and send messages and emails from your mobile immediately when you launch a new product. By using these tips you may boost your online business among your potential customers to get maximum benefits.

Real web Studio an offshore web development firm specialized in web design services, web development, logo design, graphic design, eCommerce web site design. Hire offshore web developers, designers and get quality service.

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Music Review: Small Faces - From The Beginning -

The Small Faces were inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame a little over a month ago. In conjunction with that honor, their first four albums are being reissued as two-disc expanded CD sets.

The band formed in 1965 and by 1967 their most famous line-up of guitarist Steve Marriott, bassist Ronnie Lane, drummer Kenny Jones, and keyboardist Ian McLagan was set. Their success was almost instantaneous in their home country. Their self-titled debut album, recorded within two months of their formation, was a commercial success and their singles consistently reached the upper levels of the British charts.

Their success led them to accept a big contract offer from the Immediate label. Unfortunately, they left a number of tracks behind and their old label, Decca, cobbled together From The Beginning, which became another big seller. While the band originally sued Decca to prevent its release, there is some good material to be found here.

The foundation of the original release was a series of hit singles issued in their home country where the band was always extremely popular. "What 'Cha Gonna Do About It," "Sha La La La Lee," "Hey Girl," "All Or Nothing," and "My Mind's Eye," gave it the flavor of a greatest hits album. While their music was catchy in places, the singles represented the increasingly sophisticated nature of their material. Marriott's writing skills and guitar playing were always a little outside the norm and, when combined with the other members, it took on a somewhat quirky psychedelic style, while managing to remain within a rock structure that was commercially appealing and successful.

They were still at a stage in their career where they were performing and recording American soul covers and the Decca label added a number of them to fill out the album. "Baby Don't You Do It" (Marvin Gaye), "Take This Hurt Off Me" (Don Covay), and "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (The Miracles), were at best competent interpretations that paled next to the originals. The oddest track was their cover of "Runaway," which they made almost unlistenable.

The second disc is mainly different studio takes of the material contained on the first. It is for a completest only as many people will not need an alternate take of "Baby Don't Do It," of take 11 of the obscure bonus track, "I Can't Make It."

From The Beginning is probably the weakest of the four reissues mainly due to the lack of cohesiveness. Still, there are a number of tracks that catch the Small Faces at the beginning of the most creative period of their career. It is an album on which to pick and choose as the best was yet to come.

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Charity that Sandusky founded seeks to fold

By Mike Brunker,

Pat Little / Reuters file

Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football defensive coordinator who founded The Second Mile in 1977, allegedly met some of the young boys he sexually abused through its programs.

The Second Mile, a charity for at-risk children founded by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, has filed paperwork seeking to transfer its operations to a Texas-based Christian nonprofit, saying its association with the man at the center of a child sex abuse case has undercut its support.

In a statement Friday, the State College, Pa., charity?s interim CEO, David Woodle, said that accusations that Sandusky, 68, sexually abused young boys he met through Second Mile, had damaged the charity?s ability to raise money and attract volunteers and caused referring social service agencies to rethink sending at-risk kids to its programs.

In an interview with the Centre Daily Times, which first reported the story, Woodle called the proposed transfer ?a positive step in a very negative overall situation.??



?Over the past several months, representatives of The Second Mile ? have been in discussions with parents, school partners and donors to determine what steps should be taken after criminal charges were announced against founder Gerald Sandusky,? the statement said. The board learned that there is overwhelming support for the programs, but that there would not be adequate support, including financial, from donors, volunteers and referring social service agencies to continue The Second Mile as its own entity.??

The statement said Second Mile, founded by Sandusky in 1977, had petitioned the Court of Common Pleas in Centre County to allow it to transfer approximately $2 million in cash assets, an ongoing endowment and program-related non-case assets to Houston-based Arrow Child & Family Ministries to fund programs in Pennsylvania for about two years.?

During that period, Second Mile would continue to cooperate with authorities in connection with the criminal charges against Sandusky before eventually dissolving.?

Second Mile said its directors selected Arrow after discussions with more than 15 organizations.?

"Our priority is to ensure children continue to be served by these programs," the statement quoted Arrow founder Mark Tennant as saying. "We were shocked and saddened by the events that led us here, but we are committed to the future of these children and their families and look forward to building on the outstanding work done by so many individuals who have been a part of The Second Mile over the years."?

The statement indicated that it could take several months for the court to rule on its petition.?

Sandusky has pleaded not guilty to 52 criminal counts of alleged abuse of 10 boys over 15 years, some of whom were Second Mile clients. Jury selection is scheduled to start June 5.

More content from and NBC News:

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USA Payday Forever Announces New Name for Their Personal ...

(PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Recently, USA Payday Forever announced that they are changing the name of their personal finance company. On top of that, they made the announcement that they are tender their website to a new field name in accordance with their new company name. The new name the company is vacant to be changing to is ABC Personal Finance.

USA Payday Forever has said that one reason they are changing the name of their company is to give it a fresh start. They have been doing maintenance to their website that revealed that their personal finance website needs to be redone in order to accommodate users experiences.

The maintenance the company underwent for their cash advance website was done because USA Payday Forever received feedback from customers that the website wasnt functioning properly. More specifically, the navigation wasnt working properly. The company stated that they needed their website to work right before they could implement their new social media campaign for cash advance services.

The social media campaign has been on hold while USA Payday Forever readies everything with their payday loan website for optimum customer experience. They stated that they talked at part wit their partner company to lay out this plot, so it was chose that they take care of infrastructure before reaching out to customers, who they feel are disillusioned, thus harder to make an impact on.

USA Payday Forever and their partner company anticipate that they will be equipped to start their payday loan social media campaign for their cash advance website within the next couple of weeks. They will make announcements for each step of progress that they make.

About USA Payday Forever USA Payday Forever is an online company that helps consumers to find and obtain payday loan services. For more information, please visit their website at

Social Media

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Egyptians vote in presidential election's 2nd day

CAIRO (AP) ? In a wide-open race that will define the nation's future political course, Egyptian voted Thursday on the second day of a landmark presidential election that will produce a successor to longtime authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak.

Voters lined up outside some polling centers, but the morning turnout was generally weaker than the previous day's, when long lines formed outside polling centers more than an hour before they opened. The government has given employees Thursday off to bolster the turnout.

The two-day vote marked the end of decades of authoritarian rule, although concerns remained that the nation's military rulers who took over after Mubarak would try to retain influence. Egyptians were hopeful as they waited patiently for their chance to cast a ballot in the Arab world's first competitive presidential election.

"The revolution has won us the right to freely elect our president," said housewife Doaa Nasr, referring to the 18-day uprising that toppled Mubarak's 29-year regime 15 months ago.

"No one can now take this right away from us," she said as she waited in line to vote in Cairo's Zeitoun district.

There are 13 candidates in the race, including Islamists, liberals and former regime figures. No one is expected to win more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round Wednesday and Thursday, setting the stage for a run-off June 16-17 between the top two finishers. A winner will be announced June 21.

The generals who took control after Mubarak was ousted have promised to hand over power by July 1, repeatedly assuring critics that they have no wish to remain in charge. There are fears, however, that they could retain significant powers on matters of national security and key foreign policies.

The landmark election, considered the freest and fairest in Egypt's history, is wide open. The reliability of polls is uncertain, and of the 13 candidates have bounced around the top spots, although none of them has emerged as a clear front-runner.

The two leading secular contenders are both veterans of Mubarak's regime ? former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq and former foreign minister Amr Moussa. The main Islamist candidates are Mohammed Morsi of the powerful and well-organized Muslim Brotherhood, and Abdel-Moneim Abolfotoh, a moderate Islamist whose inclusive platform has won him the support of some liberals, leftists and minority Christians.

Some voters are backing the Mubarak-era veterans, believing they can bring stability after months of rising crime, a crumbling economy and deadly street clashes under military rule. Others were horrified by the thought, believing the "feloul" ? or "remnants" of the regime ? will keep Egypt locked in dictatorship and thwart democracy.

Islamists have jumped into the political fray, seizing the chance to lead a country where they were repressed for decades. Led by the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists dominated parliamentary elections, winning nearly three-quarters of the seats. But the Islamists' popularity has since waned as many Egyptians fear they seek to monopolize power and impose a theocracy.

An alternative to both the Islamists and the Mubarak-era candidates has emerged in the figure of leftist candidate Hamdeen Sabahi, who has claimed the mantle of Egypt's late president, the populist Gamal Abdel-Nasser.

An Islamist victory, particularly by Morsi, will likely mean a greater emphasis on religion in government. Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, which already dominates parliament, says it won't mimic Saudi Arabia and force women to wear veils or implement harsh punishments like amputations. But it says it does want to implement a more moderate version of Islamic law, which liberals fear will mean limitations on many rights.

As was the case in the weeks leading up to the election and on the vote's opening day, the debate among the voters continued Thursday up till the last minute outside polling centers, something that points to the closeness of the race and the enthusiasm among Egyptians voting freely for their leader for the first time.

"I like the personality of Shafiq. He is strong enough to lift the country," said Suheir Abdel-Moamen, one of several women standing in line waiting to vote in the middle class Cairo district of el-Zawiya al-Hamra.

Somaiya Imam, still undecided on who to vote for, replied with a reference to Islamist candidates, saying: "Don't you think we should vote for the candidate who holds the Quran?"

"We voted for them before and they let us down. They want everything ? the presidency, parliament and government. They are never satisfied," Abdel-Moneim responded.

A woman standing behind the two chipped in: "But he (Shafiq) is a Mubarak associate."

Shafiq, a former air force chief and Mubarak's last prime minister until he too was forced out by protests, has been openly disparaging of the pro-democracy youth groups who led the uprising. Critics accuse him of being too cozy with the generals who took over from Mubarak, whose own reputation has been tainted by alleged human rights abuses and authoritarian tendencies.

But with his strongman image, he has appealed to Egyptians who crave stability and fear Islamists.

Shafiq was met by several dozen protesters screaming "down with the feloul" as he arrived to vote in an upscale neighborhood east of Cairo on Wednesday afternoon. Some protesters showed their contempt by holding up their shoes in his direction. On his way out, some mobbed him, swinging their shoes at him as his security hustled him into his car.

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An Write-Up On Greenville SC Website Design And The Importance ...

LogoIdol logo design - close

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Legal Question: Criminal Law | Florida | A bounce check can ...

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Putin energy "tsar" named CEO of Russia's Rosneft

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Igor Sechin, one of President Vladimir Putin's closest confidants, was named CEO of Rosneft on Tuesday, putting the informal leader of a political clan drawn from the Soviet secret services in direct charge of Russia's biggest oil company.

His move from the corridors of power to the executive suite at Rosneft - just across the Moscow River from the Kremlin - marks the culmination of Sechin's evolving role as energy 'tsar' in the world's largest oil-producing nation.

Rosneft's shares gained by as much at 3.5 percent as industry analysts welcomed the appointment, praising the unparalleled lobbying power and proven ability to cut deals of a man who had until last year been the firm's part-time chairman.

"He has been heavily involved in running the company for a long time," one government source said. "He has a vision for the company ... He is a great deal maker. He can get things done."

A deputy prime minister in the last government, Sechin's appointment at Rosneft resolved a final doubt over the shape of Putin's new administration, after the unveiling of a new cabinet and naming of several former ministers to senior posts on the Kremlin presidential staff.

It is also a milestone on a personal journey that has taken Sechin, 51, from Soviet military service in Africa in the dying days of the Cold War - by some accounts, involved with supplying weaponry to Marxist forces there - to championing an alliance for Rosneft with American oil giant Exxon Mobil.

He takes over at a company with enough reserves to last over a quarter of a century at current rates of production and $12 billion in annual profits. With a market capitalization of $66 billion, it is undervalued by international comparisons.

"He has tried to increase the market cap of the company, is a heavyweight on the Russian political scene," said Karen Kostanian, energy analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Moscow, who called Sechin "one of the closest people to Putin".

Sechin is the leading light of the 'siloviki', or men of power, who like the former KGB spy Putin have long personal ties to the security services and whose families are in some cases linked by marriage.

The pair have been close since meeting in the early 1990s when Putin was a rising star in St. Petersburg city politics.

When Putin was first elected president in 2000 he named the burly Sechin his deputy chief-of-staff, a powerful role behind the scenes that earned him the nickname "Darth Vader" in the press. Russian newspapers complained the "grey cardinal" moved so deep in Putin's shadow that they had no photographs of him.


Sechin's role with Rosneft has long been an active one. He staked a claim to his new job by striking three exploration deals - with Exxon, Statoil of Norway and Italy's Eni - during the 11-week transition since Putin's election.

Those partnerships seek to develop Rosneft's vast offshore reserves and secure a foothold abroad that would help acquire know-how in extracting hard-to-recover 'tight' oil - trapped in non-porous rock - from its fields in Siberia.

They were only possible, industry sources say, thanks to Sechin's ability to convince Putin to back a new tax regime designed to take into account the huge up-front investment costs of offshore exploration projects.

Sechin flew to New York last month to brief investors on the Exxon deal, which Russia estimates could generate $500 billion in investments to develop nearly 100 billion barrels of offshore resources in the Arctic and Black Sea - four times the existing reserves controlled by Exxon, the world's biggest oil producer.

"This project's ambitions ... exceed the programmes to put a man in space or to fly to the moon," Sechin said, urging the United States and Russia to cast off "excessive politicization resulting from historical stereotypes".

On Tuesday, Sechin told Dmitry Medvedev - now prime minister after four years as president while Putin waited to return to the Kremlin - that he would "sustain and expand" output at Rosneft. It reached 2.45 million barrels a day last year, reinforcing the company's status as Russia's largest taxpayer.

Sechin and Medvedev clashed during the latter's time as head of state, while Putin was premier. Medvedev, Putin's younger prot?g?, ousted Sechin a year ago as chairman of Rosneft in a bid to cut politicians' influence over large state companies.

Sechin, who advocates a strong state role in the economy, looks poised to keep significant sway over the energy sector even outside government, after Putin nominated him to the board of the main state energy holding company.

With the stroke of a pen, Putin also decreed on Tuesday that state power-sector assets could not be sold off without his presidential approval, undermining his newly appointed premier's goal of launching a major privatization drive.


Sechin's official biography is extremely brief and little is known about the first 28 years of his life - a blank that has let others speculate about what he might have done in the 1980s, when Portugal's former colonies in southern Africa were proxy battlefields in the Cold War between Moscow and the West.

Fluent in Portuguese, Sechin worked as a military translator in Angola and as a translator in Mozambique with a shadowy Soviet trade body named Tekhnoexport. It is reputed to have supplied arms to pro-Communist armies in Africa.

His roles in Putin's Russia have also been the focus of unsubstantiated speculation. Viktor Bout, also a Soviet military linguist in Africa, who was jailed this year in the United States as a major international gun runner, denied suggestions that he had had dealings with the president, or with Sechin.

The latter was still barely known to the Russian public when in 2004 he was appointed chairman of state-owned Rosneft, then just one of several mid-sized Russian oil producers. But Rosneft would grow dramatically when its biggest competitor, Yukos, was bankrupted by massive tax bills and its principal owner, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was jailed for fraud and tax evasion.

Khodorkovsky, who is still in prison, has accused Sechin of orchestrating his prosecution and the take-down of Yukos for the benefit of state officials who have grown wealthy from business. Rosneft snapped up Yukos's key producing asset, Yugansk, at a bankruptcy auction and then floated on the stockmarket in 2006, raising $10 billion in Russia's largest initial public offering.

Further major transactions followed, with the signing of a oil export and loan deal with China that helped open up a new eastern oil pipeline export route, reducing Russia's dependency on the European market.

Sechin suffered a blow when his first attempt to strike a big offshore development deal, with BP, collapsed in May 2011 amid acrimony between the British firm and the wealthy local co-owners of its Russian venture, TNK-BP. But he was unrepentant, saying last year: "Rosneft fought like a lion for the interests of the company and its shareholders."

He was also the subject of speculation about his health last year, though he has denied having any problems.

Putin clearly has great trust in his long-time ally. In March, the newly re-elected president spoke of what it was that he valued Sechin for: "For his professionalism and his grip, for getting the job done," Putin said. "If he starts something, one can be sure that the job will be done."

(Additional reporting by John Bowker, Megan Davis, Vladimir Soldatkin and Alexei Anishchuk; Writing by Douglas Busvine; Editing by Steve Gutterman and Alastair Macdonald)

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The Yeshiva World Google Executive: Turn Off Your Smartphones ...

Google Inc Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt challenged college graduates on Sunday to take the radical step ? at least for their generation ? of tearing their eyes away from their smartphones and computer screens.

?Take one hour a day and turn that thing off,? Schmidt told graduates at Boston University, where he received an honorary degree and was applauded by an audience that had grown up relying on the technology company?s search engine, e-mail and other services.

?Take your eyes off that screen and look into the eyes of the person you love. Have a conversation, a real conversation,? Schmidt said.

Schmidt?s advice came midway through his remarks and provided context around his broader message that electronic tools such as social media are positive forces. He said that ?a distinctive feature of your new world is that you can be unique while being completely connected.? That feature, he said, is a ?fulfillment of the American dream.?

Google executives are comfortable with broad statements, having made ?Don?t be evil? a business motto and battled governments over Internet freedoms.

In his remarks, Schmidt did not address policy issues or business topics such as last week?s initial public offering of Facebook Inc, in many spaces a Google rival. Schmidt also offered traditional sentiments that included urging graduates to reach high and not be afraid to fail.

He also emphasized they will be armed with technology as never before. ?You are emblems of the sense of possibility that will define this age,? he said, adding that, ?If you?re awake, you?re online, you?re connected.

?Some of you are probably tweeting this speech right now.?

(Source: Reuters)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Got The Home Owner Blues? Jazz Up Your Home With These Home ...

Consider adding an utility sink to your basement or laundry room if you have the space. These deep sinks are ideal for bathing pets, hand-washing garments, scrubbing up after gardening, and lots of other dirty tasks that you would not necessarily want to do in your kitchen sink or bathtub.

If you have an extensive collection of collectibles or figurines, keep what you display to a minimum. Trying to display everything in one room or area can make your space appear cluttered. Choose a few focal pieces, about 5 pieces at the most and arrange them in a pleasing manner.

If you have a large backyard and you do not already have one, it may be beneficial to build a deck before putting your house on the market. This is because potential home buyers look at a deck as a crucial entertaining space for family and friends to hang out in.

Choose wallpaper patterns carefully. Avoid using overpowering patterns in small spaces; conversely, using a bold design in a very large room will make it appear cozier. Never use a patterned wallpaper if you have patterned carpet or window coverings. For a room full of awkward corners and recesses, pick a wallpaper with a random design that the eye doesn?t tend to follow. This will help to disguise any imperfections in the walls.

Choose the water heater that you need for your home. They are designed to provide the amount of hot water that a family of different sizes will need. It is labeled right on the box whether it is a water heater for a family of one, two, five or whatever number of people it will keep supplied with hot water.

One of the easiest ways to improve your heating and air condition system is to clean the air vents. You know the air vents are dirty when they look black. Dust the vents thoroughly. Check the vents occasionally because if they turn black quickly, there may be a bigger problem.

In order to properly improve your home, you must have the best tools for the job. These are the ones that utilize metal parts inside rather than plastic. Plastic is not that durable and will be way more likely to break over a long period of time as opposed to metal.

To remove gunk, grease and grime from your garbage disposal, add a handful of ice cubes, and a quartered lemon before turning it on. The ground ice will scrape the disposal clean, and the acid in the lemon will help to remove greasy build-up, keeping your disposal in good working order.

Since it seems your kitchen is the gathering place for family and friends, then this is the number one renovation most homeowners should consider first, and one that adds the most value to your home. Be sure to go with plenty of cabinet and counter space. Also, no matter the finish on your appliances, just make sure they all coordinate with one another.

With these tips, you should have a good idea of what to do for basic home improvement. By using the advice given, you can save a lot of money and feel more accomplished in your home. Whether you?re repairing something broken or adding something entirely new, you can save money and take pride in doing your own home improvement.

Jacquetta Zuber has a column regarding Leather messenger bags

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Investing in Senior Life Insurance

Even if you plan on using your senior life insurance as a way for your family to have the money to pay your final bills, it is also a good investment of your money now and the rate of return is actually quite good.

Good Investment of Your Money

Senior life insurance is actually a good way to invest your money. The money you spend on a life insurance policy will be returned to your family when the policy is paid at your death.

High Rate of Return

The rate of return on the money you put into a life insurance policy is actually a lot higher than the rates that you can get for your money in a savings account. And, the best part is, it will be available when your family will need it most.

Buying a?seniors life insurance policy is a good investment of your money. Your family will get it back and the rate of return is a lot higher than that offered for a savings account.

20 May 2012 | Insurance

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Pollution teams with thunderclouds to warm atmosphere

ScienceDaily (May 19, 2012) ? Pollution is warming the atmosphere through summer thunderstorm clouds, according to a computational study published May 10 in Geophysical Research Letters. How much the warming effect of these clouds offsets the cooling that other clouds provide is not yet clear. To find out, researchers need to incorporate this new-found warming into global climate models.

Pollution strengthens thunderstorm clouds, causing their anvil-shaped tops to spread out high in the atmosphere and capture heat -- especially at night, said lead author and climate researcher Jiwen Fan of the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

"Global climate models don't see this effect because thunderstorm clouds simulated in those models do not include enough detail," said Fan. "The large amount of heat trapped by the pollution-enhanced clouds could potentially impact regional circulation and modify weather systems."

Clouds are one of the most poorly understood components of Earth's climate system. Called deep convective clouds, thunderstorm clouds reflect a lot of the sun's energy back into space, trap heat that rises from the surface, and return evaporated water back to the surface as rain, making them an important part of the climate cycle.

To more realistically model clouds on a small scale, such as in this study, researchers use the physics of temperature, water, gases and aerosols -- tiny particles in the air such as pollution, salt or dust on which cloud droplets form.

In large-scale models that look at regions or the entire globe, researchers substitute a stand-in called a parameterization to account for deep convective clouds. The size of the grid in global models can be a hundred times bigger than an actual thunderhead, making a substitute necessary.

However, thunderheads are complicated, dynamic clouds. Coming up with an accurate parameterization is important but has been difficult due to their dynamic nature.

Inside a thunderstorm cloud, warm air rises in updrafts, pushing tiny aerosols from pollution or other particles upwards. Higher up, water vapor cools and condenses onto the aerosols to form droplets, building the cloud. At the same time, cold air falls, creating a convective cycle. Generally, the top of the cloud spreads out like an anvil.

Previous work showed that when it's not too windy, pollution leads to bigger clouds. This occurs because more pollution particles divide up the available water for droplets, leading to a higher number of smaller droplets that are too small to rain. Instead of raining, the small droplets ride the updrafts higher, where they freeze and absorb more water vapor. Collectively, these events lead to bigger, more vigorous convective clouds that live longer.

Now, researchers from PNNL, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the University of Maryland took to high-performance computing to study the invigoration effect on a regional scale.

To find out which factors contribute the most to the invigoration, Fan and colleagues set up computer simulations for two different types of storm systems: warm summer thunderstorms in southeastern China and cool, windy frontal systems on the Great Plains of Oklahoma. The data used for the study was collected by different DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement facilities.

The simulations had a resolution that was high enough to allow the team to see the clouds develop. The researchers then varied conditions such as wind speed and air pollution.

Fan and colleagues found that for the warm summer thunderstorms, pollution led to stronger storms with larger anvils. Compared to the cloud anvils that developed in clean air, the larger anvils both warmed more -- by trapping more heat -- and cooled more -- by reflecting additional sunlight back to space. On average, however, the warming effect dominated.

The springtime frontal clouds did not have a similarly significant warming effect. Also, increasing the wind speed in the summer clouds dampened the invigoration by aerosols and led to less warming.

This is the first time researchers showed that pollution increased warming by enlarging thunderstorm clouds. The warming was surprisingly strong at the top of the atmosphere during the day when the storms occurred. The pollution-enhanced anvils also trapped more heat at night, leading to warmer nights.

"Those numbers for the warming are very big," said Fan, "but they are calculated only for the exact day when the thunderstorms occur. Over a longer time-scale such as a month or a season, the average amount of warming would be less because those clouds would not appear everyday."

Next, the researchers will look into these effects on longer time scales. They will also try to incorporate the invigoration effect in global climate models.

The research was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science. The data from China were gathered under a bilateral agreement with the China Ministry of Sciences and Technology.

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Story Source:

The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, via Newswise.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Jiwen Fan, Daniel Rosenfeld, Yanni Ding, L. Ruby Leung, Zhanqing Li. Potential aerosol indirect effects on atmospheric circulation and radiative forcing through deep convection. Geophysical Research Letters, 2012; 39 (9) DOI: 10.1029/2012GL051851

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cory Booker 'very uncomfortable' with Obama's attack on Romney (+video)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a campaign surrogate for Barack Obama and a rising Democratic star. But he finds himself ?very uncomfortable? with Obama?s attacks on Mitt Romney?s business record.

By Brad Knickerbocker,?Staff writer / May 20, 2012

Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker talks during a news conference outside of the Prudential Center in Newark last month.

Julio Cortez/AP


Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker is a rising star in the Democratic Party, portrayed as heroic recently for rescuing a woman from a burning building in his neighborhood. And he's a big fan of President Obama, who he?s done some campaigning for.

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' + google_ads[0].line2 + '
' + google_ads[0].line3 + '

'; } else if (google_ads.length > 1) { ad_unit += ''; } } document.getElementById("ad_unit").innerHTML += ad_unit; google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; } var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_client = "pub-6743622525202572"; google_ad_output = 'js'; google_max_num_ads = '1'; google_feedback = "on"; google_ad_type = "text"; google_adtest = "off"; google_image_size = '230x105'; google_skip = '0'; // --> The mayor of Newark, New Jersey feels as if the campaign's attacks on Romney's record at Bain Capital go too far.

But he had tough words for the Obama reelection campaign Sunday when he pronounced himself ?very uncomfortable? with its recent attacks on Mitt Romney?s business record at Bain Capital.

"I have to just say from a very personal level, I'm not about to sit here and indict private equity," Mayor Booker said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday. "To me, it's just we're getting to a ridiculous point in America. Especially that I know I live in a state where pension funds, unions and other people invest in companies like Bain Capital. If you look at the totality of Bain Capital's record, they've done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses."

Quick as a flash, the Republican National Committee had posted the video on its website with the headline: ?They Said It! Mayor Cory Booker Hits Obama Campaign For Attacks On Private Sector.?

Monitor political pundit Peter Grier reported on the Obama attack ads this past week:

On Monday, the Obama campaign released an ad accusing Mr. Romney?s former firm?Bain Capital?of sucking cash out of a?Missouri?company named GST Steel, driving it into bankruptcy. Tuesday, a pro-Obama super political-action committee, Priorities?USA?Action, released an ad that focuses on Bain?s ownership of GST Steel, which closed in 2001, throwing more than 700 people out of work.

?He promised us the same things he?s promising the United States. And he?ll give you the same thing he gave us. Nothing. He?ll take it all,? says a former GST worker named Pat Wells in the?Priorities USA spot.

On Romney?s record at Bain, the Obama ad campaign and Vice President Joe Biden have been double-teaming.

"They made $12 million [on GST], but taxpayers and other healthy companies paid for the loss of all those jobs," Biden said while campaigning in Ohio Thursday. "It costs every company in the country when you raid a company loaded with debt, walk out with money.?

Traditionally, the vice president goes on the attack in a reelection campaign.

But Booker, who might have been expected to voice a similar message, apparently has had it with the level of political discourse in this year?s presidential race ? including the rhetoric from both campaigns.

?This kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides,? Booker said Sunday. ?It?s nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough.?

?Stop attacking private equity,? he said. ?Stop attacking [Obama?s former minister] Jeremiah Wright. This stuff has got to stop, because what it does is it undermines, to me, what this country should be focused on. It?s a distraction from the real issues. It?s either going to be a small campaign about this crap or it?s going to be a big campaign, in my opinion, about the issues that the American public cares about.?

By Sunday afternoon, Booker had taken to Twitter to clarify his remarks on ?Meet the Press.?

First, ?I'll always prioritize my nation over a political party. & right now crass divisive partisan politics is not serving the citizens of my city?

Then this: ?So I'll clarify my comments on MTP. Yes, Obama must be re-elected. But we as a Nation owe it to him & ourselves 2 reject politics as usual?

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