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Mobile Cell Phone SMS ? The Best PC Software to Send SMS ...

However, there may be a new way of deploying it, knowning that?s by sending SMS to Email. Sounds interesting, doesn?t it It really is quite interesting and useful effectively. Suppose you would like somebody to know something and you know that the body else spends nearly all of his time when in front of his Personal Computer, one of the simplest ways to get in touch can be to send adequate SMS to Email. The interesting thing is that whenever you send an SMS to email, it actually works quite quickly, much much like sending an SMS to another cellular phone. They offer you a gateway number that it?s important to use whenever you want your SMS being delivered with an email ID. Here, it?s important to create an easy message in your cellular phone, but you need to mention the recipient?s email address within the message.

SMS is short for Short Message Service ? still do not know what we?re talking about Ok how about Text Messages Now you get it. Ok well Text Messages are a very popular type of communication nowadays, for some reason people love messing because of their Mobile Phones for just a few minutes, yet another firing off a Message. To send a Text Message it is simple, you only take your Phone out of your pocket, tap away, yet another press send. Why would anybody need to complicate it by using a Computer ? Well there are a few reasons, why somebody would be excited about using a Computer to send out an SMS, first of all it?s Free Everybody loves something that?s Free. Normally to send out a Text Message will cost you 10 cents, might not seem like much money, nevertheless it really mounts up ? Everybody loves a Freebie ? it used to be possible to acquire Free Text Messages your own Mobile Phone. All you had to was enter an SMSC Number (SMS service centre number) different to your individual, and you could Text for Free.

Sending free SMS to mobile all around the world has gained popularity inside the field of communication technology. In this fashion, it helps to save their budget (balance) for their cellphone. Actually varieties of peoples using internet to link using family, friends as well as business partners as a result of one common reason ? communication. The introduction of SMS text messaging feature using internet has created easy accessibility to a lot of people to communicate all around the world. SMS to mobile is really a Short Message Service feature offered online through various websites. Most digital cellular telephone, other mobile devices like a PC including laptop and netbooks allow sending of free SMS to cellular telephone.

This system is good to figuring out how to save money on their current cell phone tariff. Although the usage of Excel is widespread amongst business and organization the world over, only a few organizations realize that with the help of a straightforward add-in (offered by some SMS gateway providers) they?ll merge their Excel spreadsheets because of their bulk SMS interface. By sending text messages from Excel, businesses now not need to exist your own the spreadsheet application or start another application to send out their text messages it could possibly all be done from the inside of Excel. Sending text messages from Excel is the perfect way for organisation, businesses and individuals make use of their bulks SMS interfaced along with the contact information they hang on Excel. Combining SMS functionality with Excel data may help to streamline the full communication process, as multiple messages may be sent at once, generating efficient regarding time. If businesses want the receiver to reply in kind, they?ll incorporate 2-way messaging because of their campaign and perhaps add a short code.

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By Denise W. Brunette

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2012 outdoor living trends can easily update your patio or deck

More homeowners want their outdoor space to truly be an extension of their house and are taking steps to create an inviting area to relax, play and host guests. If you want to update your deck or patio for warm weather entertaining, you don?t have to spend a lot of time or money. You can easily refresh the items you already have and add new stylish elements by keeping some top trends and design ideas in mind.

Consider these tips from the design experts at Lowe?s to help transform your space into a welcoming outdoor oasis. With just a few easy outdoor home improvement changes, you?ll have the best patio on the block.

Mix functional furniture
The line between indoor and outdoor design is blurring. You can coordinate the style of adjacent indoor and outdoor rooms, since you and your guests will likely spend time in both. No matter if you have a large outdoor deck or a simple small patio, many affordable, stylish outdoor furniture options are available from allen + roth. Set up furniture with flow in mind, grouping pieces together to encourage comfort, conversation and a view of nature.

Add colorful accessories
Incorporating rugs, outdoor pillows, candles and other accessories in vivid colors or fun patterns can really make your outdoor space come alive. Pick three to four colors for your scheme and stick with those colors throughout your design choices. Some of the season?s top hues include rich reds, vivid blues, soothing neutrals and garden-inspired greens. Metal accents are popular as well, so look for decor with gold or silver detailing for a design that?s modern with a tropical flare.

Incorporate a fire pit
An outdoor bonfire likely evokes pleasant memories of the past, so incorporate a fire pit into your patio space so your whole family can enjoy time together roasting marshmallows, telling stories and gazing at the stars. Today?s modern fire pits are both stylish and useful, adding a cozy ambiance while warding off the chill on cooler nights. Plus when the seasons do change and fall brings with it lower temperatures, you can still enjoy the beautiful outdoor space you?ve created because you?ll be comfortably warm. Remember to look for options that have a removable screen, so you can open when needed for cooking and then close to keep the fire safely contained.

Create privacy
Just because you?re outdoors doesn?t mean that you don?t want a bit of privacy from neighbors or passersby. The good news is it?s easy to create boundaries to your space by using a pergola or outdoor curtains. These options tie in nicely with other outdoor design trends and can give just the right amount of privacy, creating your own outdoor ?room? in which to enjoy the long, sunny days.

Light the night
Lighting can really make your outdoor space come alive once the sun goes down. Add depth and intrigue by ?lightscaping? from different sources. Consider putting up string lights that provide a magical setting that is sure to dazzle guests long after darkness falls. Add an intimate wall lantern next to the patio door or eco-friendly LED garden and path lights to add a soft illumination to outdoor space.

Grow an herb garden
There?s nothing that adds the flavors of summer to food like fresh herbs. One of today?s top trends is to have a container garden so you always have your favorite herbs on hand to freshly pick. Popular herbs that are easy to grow include basil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel and mint. When planting, use containers that complement your outdoor design. Vintage styles that feature aged patinas are very popular this year.

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Video: A cherry-flavored celebration

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Using A Car Transport Service | Automotive Blog

Perhaps you?re a snowbird who needs to ship a vehicle to your winter destination. Maybe you?re a classic car owner heading to a show, or a driver off to a race. Whatever your reasons for using a car transport service, you want it to arrive in good condition, and in good time. A vehicle is a major investment, one you can?t really afford to play around with. A few simple tips will help guarantee you get the service you need when you ship your vehicle somewhere. Take the onus on yourself to ensure that your investment gets to the right place, on time and intact. An expert from Yiwu agent who also knew much about WOF Auckland services and car rental advice provided the following information.

Check the background of your car transport service. You?ll find lots to choose from, particularly if you live in or near an urban center. Make a list of at least two or three, and then do a background check. See if they?re accredited with the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce. If so, you can be assured that they?ve met certain business practice standards. You?ll also be able to see if any complaints have previously been registered against them.

Use intelligence and common sense when it comes to pricing. Consumers are always drawn to the less expensive alternative, no matter what the product or service. Less isn?t always best, though. If one car transport service offers significantly cheaper prices, ask why. If it?s because they?re cutting corners, you?ll want to look somewhere else for car transport service. A vehicle is not something you want to take chances with. When in doubt, expect to get what you pay (or don?t pay) for and act accordingly.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand all the issues associated with insurance. All legitimate car transport services require vehicle owners to purchase regular vehicle insurance before shipping. Your car transport service should have its own insurance coverage, too. It should have both business and vehicle/carrier insurance. However, your shipper?s insurance won?t necessarily cover damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident or other event. (If you?re unsure how insurance coverage works, be sure to ask directly.)

Don?t leave valuables in your vehicle during shipping. It may be tempting to take advantage of trunk space, especially if you happen to be moving. However, most car transport service companies strongly advise against leaving anything in your vehicle while it?s shipped. Avoid using it as a cargo container. In fact, you should remove anything that isn?t part of the vehicle itself. This includes emptying stowing compartments and removing after-market parts, such as your stereo or seat covers. These things will not necessarily be covered by insurance or replaced if damaged or stolen.

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Education and Training for Business Management |

You don?t have to spend a lot on its fees to take admission in management school instead you need to have a degree in business management for being a good manager and earn good business management salary. Many working professionals in the company or organization provide proper guidance to the employees and to other people. For getting growth in business management you must have to take admission in business management course. As a result the business is more productive. There are many universities that offer this course and some other degrees like accountancy, communication and behavioral science also prove good for management. And for those who are already serving the company or organization as a manager can apply for Master degrees in management.? The schools may be very costly but by getting education from the schools that provide these degrees you can achieve a good promotion in the business management field.


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What You Can Learn From A Homeowners Insurance Quote | Home ...

A homeowners insurance quote will show you what the current rates are as they apply to you. Additionally, when you use a multiple quote website, you will quickly be able to determine which companies offer homeowners insurance. There may be some you are already familiar with, and others that you had not considered. Rates are important. However, you will want to give your business to a company you trust and feel comfortable working with.

If your home is financed, as most are, it is important to select your own insurance provider and keep a policy in effect at all times. If you do not, the mortgage company will often times make the selection for you, and add the cost into your house payments. Since their only concern is that the house is insured, their selection could be the complete opposite of what you desire, and could be extremely expensive.

If you are currently insured, a homeowners insurance quote may lead you to a company that offers the same level of coverage for less. Today, nearly everyone is looking for ways to cut expenses. Many are cutting back on what they consider unnecessary expenses. However, you may be able to save money on the things you must have as well. Competition among different insurance providers could definitely provide you with a lower rate.

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Upstream Director of Business Development ? All jobs (page 3)

Upstream Director of Business Development Houston, TX, USA
Job #:6953
This position requires someone with strong connections, contacts, knowledge, experience and ability to exploit the US upstream business and to identify and bring to market new E&C service business opportunities.
The position is responsible for leading business development, marketing and sales across the spectrum of upstream services.
The overall goal that this position will be accountable for is building a client base that underpins the upstream financial performance.
Broad knowledge of upstream industry including Oil and Gas, drilling, reservoir, project execution, production operations, LNG and offshore alternative energies.
Responsible for establishing, developing and building Upstream business primarily in the Americas and Canada; and internationally as appropriate.
In-depth experience with Business Development/ strategy, Company P&L responsibility, Offshore technology development and application, Facilities concept development and evaluation, Surface and subsea facilities and systems design and operation, Large multi-million dollar and small reimbursable project management, Highly developed skills in team building, networking and communication, Mature safety awareness with a demonstrated leadership in the industry, and Multi-discipline team coach.
Sets goals and targets of sales management and liaises with marketing teams.
Is accountable to executive management for achievement of profitable booking targets within Upstream.
Develops and implements strategies to accomplish bookings goals. Coordinates business-winning process internally and externally.
BS in mechanical, petroleum, civil engineering or construction management, or a bachelors degree in a related discipline. Bachelors degree in Finance, Engineering, Marketing, or Business MBA strongly preferred.
Services/solutions based selling/marketing/business development experience in the engineering and construction industry is a plus.
Twenty years experience in the Upstream Oil & Gas business is preferred, with majority of time spent in engineering, marketing, strategy, or sales.
Base Salary participation in Short Term Incentive plan


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Off-page optimization regarding Increasing Your Business | Net Worm

Off-page optimization regarding Increasing Your Business

When your business is on the web it?s possible that you might have run into the particular name SEO, which suggests Search engine ranking. Search engine ranking is the procedure to have your site ranked better on the web. It can be done from the natural or outstanding google search, rather than Pay-Per-Click results which are demonstrated externally columns of the effects number. Web optimization is central to the service as the internet shifting at a fast rate and there?s greater competitors to the share of the market to have to the top level jobs inside different search engines like google. With regard to online businesses it is quite very easy to contain the ideal potential for being successful the aim of your enterprise as a result of Internet marketing services. Because of the aid Search engine optimization services your internet site might situated in the highest 15 listing around the principal search engines like google including Yahoo, Yahoo!, along with Yahoo and so forth. Through good research it has been revealed that majority of the folks prefer top 10 search results if they investigate lists upon search engines like google and rarely go for up coming benefits.

Though delivering Off-page optimization, an important responsibility connected with SEO experts is usually to determine key terms that will complement user?s lookup style. Third , your SEO advisor should make use of the search phrases to generate posts and additional information for being added to the website. Within undertaking carry out, they will constantly advertise natural advancement of web site ranking and provide different methods to help the client to develop the excitement on the web page. However the approach seems to be uncomplicated as well as simple, search engine ranking course of action doesn?t happen immediately. The truth is Search engine optimisation can be a coming process that may take months or more prior to we get results. For that reason once your site obtains sought after ranking Search engine marketing continues to be a constant method. One particular reason behind repeating this is that on the globe associated with online search methods adjust on a regular basis.

Essential SEO services will certainly set up procedure that can make site more desirable. Whatsoever content is generally there on-line really should be appropriate and unique in order to attract website visitors in direction of your website. Search engine optimization providers generally provide right information with their consumer to put into action his or her search engine optimisation techniques.

An alternative choice will be outsourced workers site optimisation with an SEO Consultant as well as Web optimization supplier can be extremely beneficial to business and frequently provides several undetectable benefits. It can be in cost efficient way due to the cut in staff and the requirement for consultant training. It also offers businesses to maintain their concentrate on the primary purpose with their enterprise and letting a lot more choices to realize corporate and business desired goals. There are several varieties of SEO services and you may choose between those to help you to raise your site ratings. A lot of the pros often focused on distinct regions of optimisation as well as sorts of site.

Search engine optimization services are the most simple strategy to the web advertising in addition to needed for just about every internet business or maybe how do people has it. Set this concept into practice plus your website will probably rank top from search machines.


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Few hiring managers are Facebook snooping

By Eve Tahmincioglu

Facebook came out swinging last week over reports that employers are asking employees and job seekers to turn over their passwords?to access individual profiles and their activities on the site.

The company said in a statement it would ?take action to protect the privacy and security of our users,? including potentially taking legal action.

Public opinion is clearly with Facebook on this, and many took to social media to condemn such password shakedowns. But it?s time to tone down the hysteria. It turns out, few hiring managers choose to put on their Sherlock Holmes cyber snooping hats.

Yes, it's disturbing to hear that some hiring managers are asking for Facebook passwords from job candidates. And in this tough economy, saying no to such a request may mean you don?t end up landing the gig because there are still so many people out there looking for work.

But in reality, Big Brother has not taken over the workplace.

?It?s overblown,? said Jason Morris, president of EmployeeScreenIQ, an employee-screening company, about the recent uproar over social media prowling. ?I?ve never come across an employer that asked for passwords or anything as invasive as that.?

A recent study by his company found that many companies are not rushing to the Web or any place else to look you up.

The study, which polled 650 HR professionals nationwide, found:

  • 52 percent say they never consult these sites as part of their screening process.
  • 48 percent of respondents said they did us such sites, but of those only 9 percent say they always do.

?Despite the potential they might hold,? the report stated, ?social networking websites are not yet widely accepted as trusted background-checking resource.?

Of those?hiring managers?using the Web to screen candidates, Morris said, they?re mainly just Googling applicants. ?They don?t really even know what they?re looking for,? he added, ?they?re just doing it.?

Mining a job applicant?s social networking sites can pose a legal liability for employers, especially when it comes to bias in hiring. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest, often provide a picture of a job seeker, including race, religion, disability, etc., and if a hiring manager decides not to offer someone a job after perusing such sites they could face charges of discrimination.

Workers aren't out of the woods yet, however. The researchers said, "We anticipate that the trend of those who utilize these sites as a screening tool will only increase in the coming years."

In the end, Facebook may not have to fight to hard even if this practice becomes widespread because there are movements afoot on the federal and state level to introduce new laws to curb such behavior.

?Maryland and Illinois are already well along in considering proposed bills to regulate this practice,? said Daniel Prywes, an employment attorney for Bryan Cave.? ?The proposed bills would broadly prohibit employers from seeking access to private areas of social media accounts, with no exceptions for law enforcement or similar sensitive types of employment.?

So let?s all take a deep breath and realize not every job will hinge on your cyber persona.??


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Tablet gaming showdown: New iPad vs. Asus Transformer Prime

7 hrs.

via Ingame

Stay up to speed with news and reviews on video games for the PC, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook and more.

When Apple announced the new iPad earlier this month, CEO Tim Cook claimed that the new iPad?s new A5X chip offers four times the performance of Nvidia?s quad-core Tegra 3 CPU. ?Now that the new iPad has hit the street, we?ve been able to compare its performance to that of an?Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the first?tablet?with a Tegra 3 inside. The results may surprise you.

GLBenchmark 2.1
In GLBenchmark 2.1, ?one of the few benchmarks that has versions for both Android and iOS, the new iPad scored higher. On the program?s Egypt Standard test, which shows a 3-D animation of ancient Egypt, the new iPad and its A5X chip processed 6718 frames at a rate of 60 frames-per-second to the Transformer Prime?s 5,939 frames at 53 fps.?

When GLBenchmark ran the Geometric test (vertex weighted), which measures low-level shader performance, the new iPad processed?7,530,524 frames at a rate of 57 fps while the Tegra 3-based Transformer Prime processed just?3,523,926 at a rate of 27 fps. We saw the same trend on the program?s Fill test, which measures texturing speed, as the iPad processed?1.98 billion textels per second to the Prime?s 404.61 million.

On Geekbench, a cross-platform benchmark that measures raw processing power rather than graphics, the quad-core Tegra 3 blew its competitor way as it achieved an overall score of 1,571 to the A5X?s 692. On the integer (1391 to 614), floating point (2408 to 825) and memory subtests (1076 to 784) , the Tegra 3 dominated, but the A5X bested it by a small margin of 324 to 266 on the stream subtest.

Browser Benchmarks: Peacekeeper and Sunspider
We also tested the new iPad?s Safari browser performance on two synthetic benchmarks and compared the results to those on the Transformer Prime?s stock Android browser. In Peacekeeper, a general-purpose browser benchmark, the two tablets got nearly identical scores of 386 for the iPad and 387 for the Prime.?However, the iPad completed the Sunspider JavaScript rendering test in just 1810 milliseconds to the Prime?s 2216 ms.?

Unfortunately, since the two tablets use two different browsers, it?s impossible to isolate the processor?s role in giving the iPad slightly faster Sunspider results. It?s quite possible that Safari just performs better on this test than the Android 4.0 browser does.

Subjective Gaming Performance
Evaluating gaming performance on any tablet is a mainly subjective task, because there?s no benchmark that measures framerates like FRAPs does in Windows. However, we attempted to see what the differences in appearance were when we played the same game on both devices and placed them side by side.?

When we fired up the jet ski racing game "Riptide GP" on both devices, we noticed immediately that images looked sharper and more colorful on the new iPad?s retina display. Edges of objects like our avatar?s ski jacket, the walls on the racing course, and the writing on the scoreboard looked so much crisper on the iPad?s 2048 x 1536 screen and colors just popped a lot more than on the Transformer?s 1280 x 800 display. The difference in screen quality was only a little less pronounced when we played the third-person shooter game "Shadowgun."

However, when we looked past the beautiful screen, we noticed that the version of the game playing on the Transformer Prime had some additional visual effects that were not present on the new iPad. ?In "Riptide," we noticed more reflections in the water and a splashing effect that made it look like water was hitting the screen when our ski landed from a jump. On the iPad, we just saw a little foam appear on landing, not splashes.

In "Shadowgun," we walked into a scene with a burning helicopter and, on both devices, saw gorgeous billows of smoke and fire rising up to the sky. However, only on the Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime did the game show two flags billowing in the wind; the flags weren?t even there on the iPad version.

Our experience playing "Shadowgun" and "Riptide" on the two tablets shows how difficult it is to separate processor performance from other system components like the screen. It?s likely that, if we could put a gorgeous 2048 x 1536 screen on the Transformer Prime, these games would have both the great special effects and the sharp, beautiful images.

However, comparing tablet-to-tablet rather than chip-to-chip, the iPad?s screen makes the gaming experience a much tastier visual feast than you get on the Transformer Prime. We hope that upcoming higher-res Android tablets like the 1920 x 1200 screened Transformer Prime TF701 will give mobile gamers the perfect combination of special effects and sharp, vibrant images.

It is also possible that, once developers rework their games for the new iPad?s A5X chip, we?ll see the same kind of added special effects that we see with Tegra 3. Neither "Shadowgun" nor "Riptide" has yet been optimized for the A5X chip, so who knows what they will look like in their next iOS iterations. For now, its clear that the A5X offers better benchmark performance, while Tegra 3-optimized games offer more and better visual effects.?

More iPad and Android stories from Laptop:


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Japan prepares defences against N. Korean rocket

Japan on Friday readied its missile defence systems to shoot down a North Korean rocket if it threatens the country, as the UN chief warned that next month's launch could jeopardise food aid.

"I have ordered officials to prepare to deploy the PAC-3 and Aegis warships," Japan's Defence Minister Naoki Tanaka told reporters, referring to surface-to-air missiles and destroyers carrying missiles.

The nuclear-armed North has announced it will launch a rocket in mid-April to put a satellite into orbit, a move that the United States, South Korea and other nations see as a pretext for a long-range missile test banned by the UN.

The move by North Korea's new leadership has set off alarm bells across the region. The Philippines is calling for help from the United States to monitor the rocket, part of which is expected to land off the archipelago.

Amid mounting tensions, North Korea's main ally China urged that "all parties should keep calm and exercise restraint", while a special adviser to US President Barack Obama warned any launch will generate a "strong response."

"If they go ahead anyway, we will want to work with our allies and partners for a strong response," Gary Samore, arms control coordinator at the National Security Council, told South Korea's Yonhap news agency in an interview.

The preparations by Japan, regularly the target of North Korean barbs, come as world leaders including Obama prepare to meet in Seoul for a summit officially focused on nuclear terrorism.

The North's atomic programme is expected to be the subject of discussion at the talks on Monday and Tuesday, which are also to be attended by the leaders of China, Japan and Russia.

Leading North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun on Friday again blasted the upcoming summit as a "burlesque" and part of a South Korean smear campaign.

It said Seoul's rulers hope to use the event to escalate the "nuclear racket" against the North and moves for a war against it.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who plans to raise the rocket launch at the Seoul summit, said any launch could discourage international aid donors and worsen North Korea's already dire humanitarian situation.

"Such an act would undermine recent positive diplomatic progress and, in its effect on international donors, would likely worsen the humanitarian situation inside the country," he said in a speech in Singapore.

Japan's surface-to-air interceptors would reportedly be deployed on the southern island chain of Okinawa, over which Tokyo said the projectile may pass.

In a notice to the UN's International Maritime Organisation, North Korea has said the first stage of the rocket will fall in international waters between China and South Korea.

The second stage is expected to splash down just 190 kilometres (118 miles) east of the northern Philippines.

North Korea insists it has the right to conduct what it calls a peaceful satellite launch.

But Ban, a South Korean, said the rocket flight would be a "clear violation" of UN Security Council resolutions and warned that the North already has a "serious humanitarian crisis" on its hands.

The United States voiced doubt last week over whether it could provide its own food aid to Pyongyang if it followed through on the launch, after an apparent breakthrough deal with North Korea last month.

Washington had said it would deliver 240,000 tonnes of food aid to the North, which remains hampered by food shortages after a devastating famine in the 1990s.

In return, Pyongyang agreed to a partial freeze on its nuclear programme, to suspend missile and nuclear tests, and allow the return of UN atomic inspectors.

The Japanese defence minister, who met with US ambassador John Roos late Thursday, said the two sides "reconfirmed to further strengthen Japan-US cooperation, especially on the North Korean issue".

South Korea and Japan's nuclear envoys held talks in Seoul Friday over possible steps to take if the launch goes ahead, Yonhap news agency quoted a South Korean foreign ministry official as saying.

In 2009 Japan ordered missile-defence preparations before Pyongyang's last long-range rocket launch, which brought UN Security Council condemnation and tightened sanctions against the isolated communist state.

That rocket, which North Korea said was also aimed at putting a satellite into orbit, passed over Japanese territory without incident or any attempt to shoot it down.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is Alan Cutler. I understand why you don't like this. But Chad Ford's job...

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Dental Assistant Resumes:Make Your Cover Letter Do its ... - Business

by Clifton Quinn on March 23, 2012

A September 2010 article in Harvard Business Review features research suggesting that people who have lived in more than one country or who identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity.The article gives on example of an experiment where more than 200 MBA students at Northwestern?s Kellog School of Management were asked to solve something called the Duncker Candle Problem. The students were given three things: a candle, a pack of matches and a box of tacks. Their task was to use only the items given to them to attach the candle to a cardboard wall so that the candle burns properly and does not drip wax on the floor.

A short letter is essential. One page with plenty of white space. Three paragraphs are preferred, four is acceptable. You have only a few seconds to get the reader?s attention, spend them wisely. Give yourself an hour or so after your research for writing the cover letter-for each application/resume you submit. Don?t be take this lightly, content is not so easy as summarizing your elevator speech. Everyone can do that and that is not unique to the job or employer. By submitting it you?ll identify yourself as un-unique.Don?t repeat anything in your resume. Either describe an achievement not mentioned in your resume that applies to the position, or comment on ONE achievement in your resume as A reason for your application and therefore, for reading further. Don?t fall into the trap of repeating the resume content else why should an employer read further.

The authors of the Harvard Business Review article give more examples of experiments and studies that showed people with experience living internationally to be more resourceful, creative problem-solvers. And they recommend that U.S. corporations invest in developing these kinds of employees through expatriate programs.?Expatriate programs are good for developing better managers, our research suggests. We believe that companies could make them even better by ensuring that expats are not cocooned from the local culture during their stints abroad. The more expats interact with locals and local institutions, the more creative and entrepreneurial they?ll become.?

The key here, according to the authors, is the part about ?ensuring that expats are not cocooned from the local culture during their stints abroad.? My own international work experience certainly made me more resourceful, outgoing and action-oriented. At the age of 23, I left Oregon to go find work in South Korea. The first time I heard the Korean language spoken was on the flight from Portland to Seoul when one of the flight attendants made an announcement in Korean. Today, despite having never learned a foreign language other than the most basic high-school Spanish, I?m proficient in the language. I can speak, read and write Korean well enough to get by in a work environment (though certainly not at native-level fluency). And I never took a formal Korean language class! How was I able to do it then? Simple: Necessity.

When I started my first job in Seoul, I realized that if I was going to find my way around the city I had to learn to read the Korean alphabet and speak a few basic phrases if I ever wanted to leave the neighborhood where I lived. The only ways to get around in the area at that time were by bus and taxi. The buses had no signs in English and I hadn?t run into any taxi drivers who spoke much of the language. Although I was hesitant to do it, not sure how I would be perceived, I asked one of my Korean co-workers to give me a crash course in the language. Then I forced myself to get out of my apartment on the weekends and after work. I made an effort to see theDental Assistant Resumes city and to use my newly acquired (and fairly awkward) language skills. Skills I never would have acquired had I stayed home.

Learn more about Dental Assistant Resumes.


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

DSCallards Blog: It's a Changing World Out There - Business ...

Shopping habits are rapidly changing.? There's a massive shift from the high street to online shopping so now is the time for the retailers to really get their finger on the pulse of their business.

As a Business Intelligence Consultant, I?m talking to customers from every conceivable part of industry but more than ever I?m amazed as to the number of retail organisations that I speak to that still don?t have any formal reporting tools in place.

BI in Retail should be able to deliver the ability to access information affecting the entire retail business, often as the data is created, ?but recent statistics back up the conversations I?m having with the retail sector? in that only :

50% of retail businesses have formal BI solutions in place, 70% of SMB Retail still use spread sheets as their primary source of analytics over more functional BI tools , such as SAP Crystal Reports, and amazingly nearly 25% of the retail shops on your high street today are still using spread sheets as their only analytical tool! *

Retailers need to use BI in order to predict shopping behaviour and good BI should be able to deliver this information and be able to measure its impact directly to management, store staff and regional staff alike, ?at the right time in order to be able to maximise sales.?

By including customer product and performance data in their BI program every retailer can learn who their customers are, what they want today, tomorrow and in a month's time. Improving data access to customer facing staff should be a key strategy for every retailer and this is impossible with manual speadsheets.

Slow and inaccurate BI will lead to out of stock scenarios, customer satisfaction issues, promotional delays and lost sales opportunities.

Good BI in retail impacts on the seasonal swing nature of the business by offering accurate and well planned marketing plans that everyone knows about, well timed store events and correct staffing levels.

Larger retailers who have embraced BI are outstripping smaller vendors as they are able to predict purchasing behaviour, but with SAP Crystal Solutions entry level BI Essentials package it doesn?t have to be BI only for the ?Big Guys?.

*Source: ? The Opportunity for Business Intelligence Enhancements in Retail - October 2011- Aberdeen Group


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Vibrant Info ? E-commerce Online Business Website

Adding E-commerce encompasses so much more than a variety of templates and colors that attempt to match the look and feel of your current website. A few text rollover effects, animated graphics, brief descriptions, thumbnails and photos of the products really only provide you with an online catalogue.

Such issues as user interfaces, marketing, branding, merchandising, navigation systems, website architecture and data flow is of prime consideration in establishing a successful Internet presence. It also encompasses intangible elements, such as how the human brain breaks up information, eye hand co-ordination and just plain old human nature.

Successful websites make clear to the shopper which categories of products are available, and provide easy site-navigation links.

From anywhere in these sites, the shopper can easily proceed to browse more products without having to waste time searching. It would seem fairly obvious that a good navigation system is required for a successful e-commerce site, but as you may have noticed, many sites on the Internet are sorely lacking in this regard.

Many companies are also spending significant amounts of money to launch E-businesses on the Internet. But how many of these companies are taking the right approach when it comes to building a memorable, positive brand image that online consumers will be attracted to in the long term?

A key issue is that branding in the online world is far more than just transferring your print brand identity to the Web. Yes, it includes a graphic design image, but your brand in the world of e-business is more largely affected by the interactive experience you provide your users. The Web is a medium that allows you to quickly build one-to-one relationships with your customers.

What is even more important is the quality of those relationships. Your Web site?s ability to engage your customers and facilitate an ongoing relationship with them is the real key to successful branding on the Internet.

Vibrant Info is leading web design, E-Commerce Expert, application development, application maintenance, software outsourcing, back office support and Software Company of India; providing effective business solutions for many years.

More E-business Articles


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Angry Birds in US retail, UK parks push

LONDON (Reuters) - Angry Birds maker Rovio is teaming up with a major U.S. retail chain to sell its merchandise, and plans to open themed activity parks in Britain, as it continues to expand beyond mobile games to establish a Disney-style brand, it said on Tuesday.

Peter Vesterbacka, marketing chief of the Finnish start-up behind the world's most downloaded game, told Reuters that Rovio saw itself as an entertainment brand, not just a games company.

"We want to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture," Peter Vesterbacka said in an interview in London, comparing the brand to Sanrio's Hello Kitty or Nintendo's Mario. "We're just getting started."

Angry Birds, in which the player uses a slingshot to catapult birds to destroy green pigs hidden in fortresses, has been downloaded more than 700 million times, and is the fastest-growing game on Facebook.

Rovio raised its profile hugely last year by hitching a game to the hit animated movie Rio, made by News Corp's 20th Century Fox, even burying a clue to the game in the movie studio's Super Bowl ad.

The company's value has been estimated in recent media reports at up to $9 billion, little more than two years after it first released Angry Birds for the iPhone.

"It's as good a guess as any," said Vesterbacka, comparing Rovio to Facebook games maker Zynga, which went public in December and has a market value of $9.6 billion.

Now Rovio has signed up a top U.S. retailer to put its branded toys, books and T-shirts in dedicated areas of thousands of stores nationwide, timed to coincide with the launch of its new Angry Birds Space game this week.

The company also plans to open branded retail stores in China soon.

Rovio did not want to name the U.S. retailer ahead of the official announcement but said it would be bigger than an existing partnership with bookseller Barnes & Noble, where visitors to the stores can pick up game credits for free.

Rovio also said it planned to launch themed activity parks in Britain, which was its original breakthrough market for the Angry Birds game, as its first expansion outside Finland. Its next targets will be in Asia.

The parks, which will be built in partnership with Finnish playground equipment maker Lappset, will feature Angry Birds-inspired swings, sandpits, climbing towers, slides and outdoor arcade games.

More like adventure playgrounds than Disney's massive theme parks, they will mostly be in cities and towns or attached to existing large theme parks.

"We can't afford to invest billions into theme parks," said Vesterbacka. "We are a tiny company from a tiny country."

Rovio has about 300 staff, up from 50 a year ago, and has had to move out of central Helsinki to new, bigger headquarters next to mobile phone maker Nokia.

Vesterbacka reiterated that Rovio was in no hurry for a public listing. Its last funding round was last year, when it raised $42 million from venture capital firms Accel, Atomico and Felicis Ventures.

He said Rovio had not needed the money and had raised the capital primarily to attract onto its board investors such as Atomico's founder Niklas Zennstrom, a co-founder of Skype.

"This year we'll be very busy, like we were last year, with building up the infrastructure," said Vesterbacka. "We can fund our own growth."

(Editing by David Holmes, Gary Hill)


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East Germans unite: Joachim Gauck elected president

Both Germany's new President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel hail?from the former communist East Germany, marking a turning point in the country's reintegration efforts.

When members of the federal assembly in Berlin cast their votes today, Germany not only elected a new president but marked a turning point?in the country's post-cold war struggle for integration of East and West Germany.?

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With Joachim Gauck as president and Angela Merkel in the chancellery, the country's two top political positions will for the first time be held by people from the former communist East Germany.

The shift in German society is one that some argue has long been overdue, while others are surprised at its early arrival.?

?While the Catholics in Germany?s south and west celebrated carnival, East German protestants took over power in far-off Berlin,? wrote former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer in an Op-Ed in S?ddeutsche Zeitung after Gauck?s candidacy was announced in February.?

After reunification in 1990, career politicians and civil servants from the West took over most influential positions in government on both the federal and state level. Then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl shunned the East German civil rights campaigners who had driven the protest that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall. His party colleague Max Streibl, prime minister of Bavaria at the time, recommended the ?amateurs? should return to their former jobs.

Few East German executives?

Today, in Ms. Merkel?s 15-member cabinet, there is still not a single minister from East Germany. This situation is mirrored in wider society: In 2010, East Germans inhabited only 9 percent of top business positions, according to a study by the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin. None of the top 30 German companies traded at the Frankfurt stock exchange are run by an East German, neither are any of the big national media organizations.

Against this backdrop, Der Spiegel magazine hailed?Gauck?s election as ?A revolution.? The influential weekly Die Zeit writes, ?We have reached the goal ? future generations will look back at this event as the moment German integration was completed."

Merkel and Gauck seem to have a lot in common. Neither of them is a career politician: Merkel is a scientist by profession, Gauck was a Protestant pastor. Both were critical of the East German regime, but did not join anti-government protests until very late. Both were members of the last ? and only democratically elected ? East German parliament in 1990. Merkel went on to rise quickly in the Christian Democratic Union party, while independent Gauck became the first federal commissioner for the Stasi records, heading the agency that deals with the files of the former East German secret service.

Highly popular politicians

Both have high approval ratings. Almost 70 percent of Germans surveyed in February thought Merkel was doing a good job as chancellor, the same number of people regarded Gauck as a good replacement for Christian Wulff, the CDU politician who stepped down from the presidency in February amid allegations of corruption.

?There is a part in German society that longs for authenticity and a bit of exotic flavor,? says Alexander Cammann, columnist for Die Zeit. ?But what Merkel?s and Gauck?s ascent shows most of all is the remarkable permeability of Germany?s political system today. A similar event in British or French politics is almost inconceivable.?

Joachim Gauck?s central message is freedom. A gifted orator with a tendency to melodrama, he is sometimes accused of ostentatiously taking the moral high ground ? much in contrast to the very pragmatic Merkel. For Jana Hensel, an East German author, Gauck is the right choice at the right time.

?He shares with his East German compatriots the experience of radical change,? she says. ?In times of crisis such as these, he can convey the thought that it is always worthwhile to look for new ideas.?


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reading is believing: Religion's holiest texts

For the world's five major religions, part of their power comes from scriptures, the written text of their beliefs, passed down between generations. For some they represent tools of control but for others they offer comfort, focus, devotion, peace and guidance.

See gallery: "Reading is believing: Religion's holiest texts"

Read more: "The God issue: New science of religion"

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?Letting It Rip? With Anger Actually Escalates Anger and Aggression ...

Letting it Rip with Anger Escelates Anger and AggressionContrary to popular belief, ?letting it rip? with anger does not decrease one?s anger.? According to the American Psychological Association, the latest research on anger concludes that choosing aggressive activity to vent anger actually increases a person?s hostility.

Self-help anger management tips

Unhealthy responses to anger can ruin your personal relationships, undermine your work life and job effectiveness, and damage your physical and emotional health.? If you have a tough time controlling your anger, try these self-help anger management tips:

1. Practice deep breathing. If you feel yourself getting angry, don?t let it build up until you have a violent outburst.? Try breathing deeply from your diaphragm in long, slow breaths, giving your heartbeat a chance to slow down.? Repeat a word such as ?relax? or ?calm? as you breathe.? Breathing deeply will ease your tension.

2. Change your environment. Get out of the situation if you need to.? The quickest way to uncouple yourself from a source of anger is to take a five-minute walk and get some fresh air.? The walk will help you calm down and the break can give you time to think about the cause of your anger.? Find someone to talk things over with, who can help you calm down and gain perspective.

3. Let go of what is beyond your control. You can change only yourself and your responses to others, not what others do to you.? Getting angry doesn?t fix the situation and makes you feel worse.? If someone constantly arouses your anger, focus on the troublesome situation and brainstorm solutions.

4. Express yourself. Learn to express angry feelings in an assertive manner, using calm, logical words rather than aggression.? In a non-confrontational way, state that you are angry and identify the situation that makes you angry and why it ticks you off.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Take Some Of The Headaches Out Of Your Pregnancy | Obvious ...

There's a lot of learning to be done when you are trying to create a child or are pregnant with one. Pregnancy impacts most, if not all, aspects of your everyday life. Even routine decisions, like what to eat, may change after you become pregnant. It?s possible it may feel overpowering at times with everything you need to know. This article lists some of the more important tips that will ensure your pregnancy is a healthy and smooth experience.

Visit your health practitioner before you get pregnant! Talk with your chosen doctor before any attempts to conceive, in which you can obtain some initial tests in preparation of a healthy pregnancy. If there?s any changes or steps, make them now so you can beef up your odds of conceiving.

Follow the same routine each night. Sleep can be your enemy when pregnant, so a routine will enable your body continue to get the rest it needs. Confirm your evenings are calm and comforting. If you need some aid getting exhausted, take a warm shower and experience a cup of decaffeinated tea.

To help ensure the pregnancy is a good one, you should reflect upon taking an HIV test. If a doctor is aware that a girl has HIV, the doctor can help make sure that the infant doesn't contract the illness. It also suggests you can talk to physicians about treating your own HIV.

It isn't too early to begin with a prenatal vitamin, even before you conceive. The first trimester is the time when your fetus develops the beginnings of its spinal cord and brain, which is named the neural wire. If your body is already supplied with the proper levels of iron, calcium and folic acid, your baby will get the finest start from the instant of conception.

The power of your pregnancy is not determined by the colour of the line showing on a pregnancy test. If you utilize a test that shows a line as opposed to a digital readout, don't be anxious if the line is quite faint. A line is only a line, and what it tells you is if you're pregnant or alternatively.

Remember that you're going to be pregnant for a long time, so you don't have to know absolutely everything about pregnancy straight away. Pregnancy is a 1 or 2 month process. Take the time you want to gather information at a pace you're comfy with. Start with these convenient tips, and add to your collection of knowledge as you go. The most important thing is to chill and care for yourself and your baby!

A clean hospital is also similarly critical in the final segment of your pregnancy. has discounted hospital cleaning supplies at wholesale prices. ? your discount cleaning products shop.


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Famed Venice view goes commercial

Residents disagree over plans to convert a 500-year-old palazzo into a department store in Venice, Italy.

? A local, slice-of-life story from a Monitor correspondent.

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Immortalized by Venetian painter Cana?letto, it forms the graceful backdrop to a million tourist snaps of Venice?s famous Rialto Bridge. But a plan to convert a 500-year-old palazzo into a department store has met with hostility here.

The Renaissance building, known as the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, overlooks the Grand Canal and was built in the early 16th century as the headquarters for German merchants. In the 20th century it became Venice?s main post office, but has stood empty and unused for several years.

Now there are plans to refurbish the building and slice off part of its roof to form a terrace with a panoramic view.

Italia Nostra (Our Italy), a heritage group, says the ?very serious alterations? will gravely compromise the architectural integrity and historical identity of the building. Nonsense, says the mayor of Venice, who is backing the plan. The project is due to begin by December 2012.

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DIY SEO Startup BrandYourself Has Nearly 6,000 Sign-Ups

brandyourself logoBrandYourself made the famous startup pivot earlier this month, and now it's sharing some data about the initial results. The company started out as a way for people to control the impression they made online, both through search results and on social networks. It even recommended articles that you could read and share in your chosen subject area. Co-founder and CEO Patrick Ambron says his team eventually realized that the approach was "too much," and that "the one BIG thing people loved about us was helping them improve their search results."


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Daily Tips for Business: Industrial-Mechanical

Bottled Water Packaging Machinery

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 11:20 AM PDT

Though the bottled water industry has been around for some time now, annual consumption of the beverage continues to grow. As a multi-billion dollar industry, new bottled water plants arise on a regular basis, using packaging machinery to meet the high demands for the product.

Top 4 Things You Should Know About Post Weld Heat Treatment

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 10:48 AM PDT

Covered in this article gives the top 4 things you should know about Post Weld Heat Treatment. Learn about application techniques and other ways to be effective at post heat treatments.

Why Automated Truck Washes Need a Back Up Big Time

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 08:41 AM PDT

Not long ago, I was talking to the owner operator of a new automated truck wash. It's an incredible facility, with state-of-the-art equipment. He was rather excited because his business is doing well and because he sold some of his first fleet accounts.

Source Quality Motor Lamination for Optimal Motor Performance

Posted: 15 Mar 2012 05:40 AM PDT

Laser cutting is considered to be an effective and hassle-free method for applications relating to motor laminations. This results in your motor being up and running as quickly as possible.

Three Ways Your Forklift Fleet May Be Contaminating The Water Table

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 03:40 PM PDT

Electric forklifts produce no emissions so are generally considered more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered vehicles but that doesn't mean they are pollution free. By observing some simple practices and doing a little onsite industrial wastewater treatment, you can run a green business as well as avoiding federal and state environmental penalties.

Why Servicing Your Automatic Doors Is So Important

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 02:18 PM PDT

For as long as I have been in the industry I have found the main problem with automatic doors to be a lack of maintenance. Most customers and users tend to ignore these important customer access systems until they stop working. Then often enough the faulty component is changed and the door is started again and forgotten about.

Learn The Facts Behind Phenolic

Posted: 14 Mar 2012 01:41 PM PDT

Curious about a certain material called Phenolic? Learn everything there is to learn about it!


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London transport confident of staving off tube strike

LONDON (Reuters) - London transport bosses dismissed fears of a strike on the underground train network during this summer's Olympics saying they were confident a deal could be struck that would avoid chaos for commuters and sports fans.

Transport for London (TfL), which runs most of the city's transport system, also played down talk of a potential "perfect traffic storm" during the Games.

However, transport bosses are still in dispute with three boroughs who object to restrictions on the Olympic Route Network (ORN), something organisers must implement to ferry officials, the media and others between venues and hotels.

TfL was also criticised for the potential impact the ORN might have on air quality during a London Assembly hearing.

Transport is a major concern for organisers, having to deal with narrow streets that are typically clogged with traffic and a creaking underground system overcrowded during peak times.

Organisers are desperate to avoid the stigma that has dogged the 1996 Atlanta Games after some athletes failed to arrive for their events on time because of transport woes.

Last week, members of the RMT rail union who work on the London Underground, known as the tube, were offered a bonus of 850 pounds each to work during the Games, the latest offer in a long-running dispute.

RMT had rejected previous offers, saying too many strings were attached, and had formally declared a dispute with London Underground, one move short of calling a ballot. But union bosses said they would consider the latest offer.

Deals have already been struck with workers on the overground, rail network and the key Olympic artery the Docklands Light Railway.

"Discussions with the RMT are ongoing," the TfL's Director of Games Transport Mark Evers told the London Assembly.

"We are confident that we will have a deal in place with them ... well ahead of the Games."

The objections by three boroughs to parts of the 109-mile ORN could trigger a judicial review.

The boroughs, in response to an official consultation, argue the ORN could cause congestion for businesses and restrict residents.

Host cities have to agree to an ORN as part of its contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

"The whole timing of the consultations have been recognising that a judicial review could take place," said Richard George, director of transport for the London Olympic organising committee (LOCOG).

TfL's Evers said some issues had been resolved, and discussions were continuing.

"There are still a small number of outstanding issues which we keep working with them on, and we are confident they will be sorted in the very near future," he added.

London Assembly members also raised concerns that the ORN could adversely affect air quality because of congestion.

"You know already we've had 15 bad air days in London this year," assembly member Jenny Jones said.

"We are only allowed 35, and we are going to exceed them and we could exceed them before the Games.

"I am just concerned there has not been enough really creative thinking about traffic reduction for the Games."

(Reporting by Avril Ormsby; Editing by Steve Addison)


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