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Special Olympics Polar Plunge Minneapolis

Jumping into a chilly lake isn?t truly a typical Sat. morning activity for me, but that's precisely what I did on March 3rd for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. I signed up to the Plunge on January 17th and my original goal was to raise the minimum $75. Considering it is a great cause, I had no problem shamelessly asking my buddies, new and old, to donate to my Plunge Page. I realized we have it straightforward, so let?s help out those that don't. I probably copy pasted my link 100 times on Facebook and in the first day I raised almost $150, and within a week of enrolling I was at $1,300. I was so absolutely overcome by everybody's generousness and actually surprised. Overall, I ended up raising $1,720 from 62 promises (the majority guys of course) and couldn't be more pleased. That was the easy part. Now onto the particular plunge!

My team of 30 met at Urban Eatery at 10:30 a.m. For liquid courage before the big jump. Our theme was ?nerds ? so I proceeded to collect the cliche glasses, suspenders, high shorts, and finally discovered a good excuse to wear my servant. As a last touch, my sister and I pinned signs on our backs that read ?talk nerdy to me?. Urban Eatery was packed and it felt like Halloween all over again. After a solid two hours of ?preparing? we made our way over to the plunge site at Lake Calhoun?s Thomas Beach.

On arrival, I was asked to do a quick segment in Spanish about the plunge and found myself with a mic in hand and a camera in my face. After my 5 minutes of celebrity, we dropped our change of clothes into the changing tent and made our way down to the plunge point. Adrenaline was racing as my sister and I held hands walking down to the fringe of the platform and significantly jumped in the water. It definitely wasn't as bad or cold as we predicted but we couldn't get out of there fast enough. We climbed out of the lake and dashed towards a giant hot tub as our pals and other spectators cheered us on from the side. The whole experience was so unique and I can?t wait to do it again next year. It felt outstanding being involved in something that brought so many folks together and to have my chums along side with me. Awfully happy with everybody who participated and donated!

I was actually satisfied I could do something to give back to our community. CRAVE Cares is how the way the company gives back. Definitely check out what we're doing here at CRAVE to make a contribution! ? CRAVE Cares. Well it?s back at work at Crave Bistro!

T.J. McLeod is a food lover that loves CRAVE Restaurant and events for good causes, like the Olympic Games Polar Plunge.


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