Tuesday, March 20, 2012

?Letting It Rip? With Anger Actually Escalates Anger and Aggression ...

Letting it Rip with Anger Escelates Anger and AggressionContrary to popular belief, ?letting it rip? with anger does not decrease one?s anger.? According to the American Psychological Association, the latest research on anger concludes that choosing aggressive activity to vent anger actually increases a person?s hostility.

Self-help anger management tips

Unhealthy responses to anger can ruin your personal relationships, undermine your work life and job effectiveness, and damage your physical and emotional health.? If you have a tough time controlling your anger, try these self-help anger management tips:

1. Practice deep breathing. If you feel yourself getting angry, don?t let it build up until you have a violent outburst.? Try breathing deeply from your diaphragm in long, slow breaths, giving your heartbeat a chance to slow down.? Repeat a word such as ?relax? or ?calm? as you breathe.? Breathing deeply will ease your tension.

2. Change your environment. Get out of the situation if you need to.? The quickest way to uncouple yourself from a source of anger is to take a five-minute walk and get some fresh air.? The walk will help you calm down and the break can give you time to think about the cause of your anger.? Find someone to talk things over with, who can help you calm down and gain perspective.

3. Let go of what is beyond your control. You can change only yourself and your responses to others, not what others do to you.? Getting angry doesn?t fix the situation and makes you feel worse.? If someone constantly arouses your anger, focus on the troublesome situation and brainstorm solutions.

4. Express yourself. Learn to express angry feelings in an assertive manner, using calm, logical words rather than aggression.? In a non-confrontational way, state that you are angry and identify the situation that makes you angry and why it ticks you off.

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Source: http://theemployeeassistanceprogram.com/wp/2012/03/18/letting-it-rip-with-anger-actually-escalates-anger-and-aggression/

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