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Perhaps you?re a snowbird who needs to ship a vehicle to your winter destination. Maybe you?re a classic car owner heading to a show, or a driver off to a race. Whatever your reasons for using a car transport service, you want it to arrive in good condition, and in good time. A vehicle is a major investment, one you can?t really afford to play around with. A few simple tips will help guarantee you get the service you need when you ship your vehicle somewhere. Take the onus on yourself to ensure that your investment gets to the right place, on time and intact. An expert from Yiwu agent who also knew much about WOF Auckland services and car rental advice provided the following information.

Check the background of your car transport service. You?ll find lots to choose from, particularly if you live in or near an urban center. Make a list of at least two or three, and then do a background check. See if they?re accredited with the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce. If so, you can be assured that they?ve met certain business practice standards. You?ll also be able to see if any complaints have previously been registered against them.

Use intelligence and common sense when it comes to pricing. Consumers are always drawn to the less expensive alternative, no matter what the product or service. Less isn?t always best, though. If one car transport service offers significantly cheaper prices, ask why. If it?s because they?re cutting corners, you?ll want to look somewhere else for car transport service. A vehicle is not something you want to take chances with. When in doubt, expect to get what you pay (or don?t pay) for and act accordingly.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand all the issues associated with insurance. All legitimate car transport services require vehicle owners to purchase regular vehicle insurance before shipping. Your car transport service should have its own insurance coverage, too. It should have both business and vehicle/carrier insurance. However, your shipper?s insurance won?t necessarily cover damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident or other event. (If you?re unsure how insurance coverage works, be sure to ask directly.)

Don?t leave valuables in your vehicle during shipping. It may be tempting to take advantage of trunk space, especially if you happen to be moving. However, most car transport service companies strongly advise against leaving anything in your vehicle while it?s shipped. Avoid using it as a cargo container. In fact, you should remove anything that isn?t part of the vehicle itself. This includes emptying stowing compartments and removing after-market parts, such as your stereo or seat covers. These things will not necessarily be covered by insurance or replaced if damaged or stolen.

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