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What children eat is what will determine his health in his childhood, and also in the last years of his life. Since childhood is the age of growth, the body needs many nutrients essential for healthy growth of bones and muscles of the body. These are the first fifteen years of life, which will determine the health of the child for life. Not only lead to the accumulation of a healthy child, but good nutrition in the early years of life will also help prevent disease and help the body fight against disease in the next life.

It is you; the parents determine the type of food your child eats. To make it easier for children to adopt healthy eating habits, you should do your habits. Your child will most likely do what he sees you. Always remember that your diet will affect your child?s nutrition. Make sure you take three times a day, at the right time, and you sit with your child. While you and your child eats the same food, explaining the health benefits of good food you eat. This will encourage children to eat healthy foods and avoid junk food, which is of no good.

So what should your child?s nutrition is actually composed of? Take a look at the food pyramid, and encourage your child to eat fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are beneficial. Try to prepare food that consists of all classes of food. For example, a glass of milk or juice with the cereal and fresh fruit could be the perfect breakfast, and then after a few pulses with vegetables for lunch, with a dinner of meat and rice, to serve nutritious food to be perfect for the day. Try looking around for some good recipes nutrition, so that your child enjoys the food he eats.

Give your child the opportunity to choose the food he wants to eat is also good. This way you can know if your child tends to healthy foods or unhealthy. If you instill the love of your child a healthy diet in childhood and later, if he gets a choice between a hamburger and a plate with rice and vegetables, he would choose the last option.

Last but not least, do not be impatient. The desired result can be achieved by one or two days or a week, and not even a month. Be patient. It may take several years for your child to adopt healthy eating habits. Because the continual introduction of new foods is more tempting for children, your child is more likely to be attracted to them. Give it time, and continue to work to feed your children healthy foods, and explains the nutritional benefits, and to tell him about the negative unhealthy food, which seems more tempting.

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