Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jay Sean's Pitbull Collabo The 'Epitome' Of Feel-Good Summer Tracks

'I think sometimes certain voices and certain vibes and certain styles just work together,' Sean says of 'I'm All Yours' collabo.
By Jocelyn Vena

Jay Sean
Photo: MTV News

For Jay Sean's lead single, "I'm All Yours," off his forthcoming album Worth It All, there was only one guy who could capture the track's bounce and party vibe. That guy is Miami-bred rhymer Pitbull, who brings his signature sense of gruffy swagger to the song.

"Well, you know, people who know my music, especially when I first came over to America, one of the first things that people noticed with my songs is I like to do feel-good songs. And when it comes to the singles, that's what I like to give them. And 'I'm All Yours' is really the epitome of all that," Sean explained to MTV News about the dance track.

Full of pounding beats and bleeps, the song is about falling for a girl who makes all the partying and fun even better.

"It's taking the modern movement of dance, which has obviously taken over the whole world, but I'm not putting it in the nightclub environment," he continued. "So it's still got that element of romance, which is what I like to bring to music. So it's high-energy and romantic. And the Pitbull collaboration actually happened in Australia, where we were on tour together, and you know, we're all fans of each other. We got talking, like, 'Man, we should do something.' So we laid it out right there and then."

What emerged from their friendship is a song tailor-made for both Sean and Pit. The track is fun, summery and a definite dance-floor anthem, three qualities these two guys know a lot about given their individual music histories.

"I think the thing is, you got someone like Pit and myself, we share similar fanbases, but also, as I said, it's that high-energy music that really blends well together," he said. "And I think sometimes certain voices and certain vibes and certain styles just work together on a record, so it was just nice the way it came out."

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