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All over the world, millions of people are using Outlook Express for their email communication needs. That makes sense. Outlook Express is a convenient choice that was packaged with Windows Operating Systems and with several versions of Internet Explorer. But many of those users don?t realize how vulnerable their valuable email messages are in this email application which is prone to numerous technical problems.

The Extent of the Problems

One of the most common problems, particularly with older versions of the email application, is that the database files can become corrupted for no apparent reason. The larger the amounts of communications you are storing the more vulnerable your program is to this threat. Additionally, when the application tries to compact the database this problem is common.

If your database becomes corrupted, you may lose the ability to access certain messages and folders. You might even lose the ability to access your email application at all and might need to reinstall the program. Imagine all of the emails you could end up losing!

Possible Solutions

Now that you?re worried about Outlook Express problems you?re probably thinking of ways to protect yourself. One way is to choose a different email application program but most of them are more difficult to set up than this one and may be more difficult to locate, especially if you?re not that interested in the IT sector. Many of them have their own problems, as well.

Another solution is to rely on the fixes and updates provided by Microsoft. Unfortunately, these are always issued or released well

after a problem has been established and by then it?s too late for those who have been victims of the technical trouble. The solutions may not always be effective either so you might still find that you?re out of luck despite your efforts.

A Better Option

Instead, you could consider the Repair Tool for Outlook Express. This handy program uses a highly evolved analytic engine when you have a problem with your application. Using this engine, the program is able to locate the emails and messages you need access to, including their attachments, because it can actually read the corrupted database (DBX) files. You can then repair these recovered files so they will be available again. The folders can also be repaired and all important data can be transferred off the hard drive or server onto some type of removable media, including CDs and flash drives. If you?ve lost a large number of files due to the problem, you can do batch repairs to save time.

But the Repair Tool for Outlook Express does even more than that. For example, if you?ve accidentally deleted a message you had intended to keep, you can recover it easily. And that can be done even if you?ve removed them from your ?Deleted? folder. The best part of the program is that you don?t need to be an IT expert to use it effectively. The controls are intuitive, and they let you continue using your Outlook Express email application with greater peace of mind and less cause for concern.
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