Monday, July 16, 2012

It is a national shame if Kalmadi attends London Olympics: CSI

It is a national shame if Kalmadi attends London Olympics: CSI

Clean Sports India (CSI), while denouncing the Commonwealth Games scam accused Suresh Kalmadi, has demanded that he be suspended from his position as the president of Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

ACCORDING TO CSI website, their movement for corruption-free sports in India has an objective to create an environment wherein Olympic Sports Federations, Associations and Clubs in India are managed essentially by former sportspersons; and Olympic Sports in India are practiced and competed without any influence of drugs.

CSI claims to draw the strength from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on peaceful and democratic means for the conduct, development and promotion of the Olympic Movement. The organisation feels that if Kalmadi is allowed to continue as IOA president, it paramount to the entire sports system being corrupted.

"Suresh Kalmadi, MP, is not a member of the IOA delegation to London Olympics. Indian contingent for the Games has been finalised a month back and Mr Kalmadi does not figure in it," IOA acting president V K Malhotra said in a statement, while reacting to Kalmadi's plans to attend the London Olympics.

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