Thursday, September 20, 2012

Relationships End In Tragedy | Meet Mii

Identified as a loving father and a caring husband by his friends and acquaintances, little did 35-year-old Rajbir Sharma, a well-settled businessman, realised that his philandering nature and friendship having a romantic young man would 1 day cost him not just their own life but of several others.

Rajbir was obviously a loving father. Maybe he is seen taking a walk along with his two little daughters and wife every evening. He loved his wife and often took her out. But there was another side to his personality, known simply to his friends. A carefree and well-settled businessman, he would indulge in romantic relationships with women just for fun. His friend Manish, a son of the contractor, System.Drawing.Bitmap romantic like him, said Gulab, one of the good friends of the duo, the master of a store on the street. Rajbir, who originally belongs to Haryana, had come to settle in Swaroop Nagar more than a decade ago and was a successful transporter. Rajbir great brothers are typical transporters. One of his brothers, Krishan Sharma, was shot by Rajbir today [Friday], while the other two brothers are in Bangalore. The family owns over 20 trailer trucks. Rajbir had recently bought two new trucks. Manish, who goes to exactly the same locality, was one of Rajbir? s best friends. Family members of Manish had also result from Haryana a couple of years ago, added Gulab.

Both would spend hours together in a hair saloon on the street and also have fun, added another friend, not ready to be named. Manish had a long-standing relationship with Jyoti. Though their own families were against it, the two would talk over the telephone for hours. Manish? s father beat him on several occasions, but he or she is incorrigible. When his father stopped giving him pocket money, he used a career with a transporter half a year ago. Rajbir had spotted Usha some time ago and fell on her behalf. He waylaid her over a number of occasions, nevertheless the girl had not been interested. Earlier also he had relationships along with other women. Only his friends knew regarding it, said the friend.

But no one had expected the two to have such an extreme step. It never appeared the two may cause such bloodshed. We never saw them carrying weapons or losing their cool. Rajbir could be fun-loving and also a large-hearted person. He would take his friends for sojourns and bore each of the expenses. Manish too a new cool temperament. It absolutely was shocking to me and all sorts of their friends that they were doing such a thing, summed up Gulab.


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