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Capitol Hill food+drink | Pie Bar ready to serve ? Also, Bus Stop ...

Get baked at Pie Bar (Image: Pie Bar)

Get baked at Pie Bar (Image: Pie Bar)


Pie, it?s time for you to grow up. Bar, it?s time for you to make room for pie.

?My pies are definitely grandma?s pie,? Lyss Lewis says. ?But I?m modernizing pie. Bringing it forward.?

Pie Bar, a bar serving pie, will debut Wednesday night on Capitol Hill. It will serve pie. In a bar.

Pie, it seems, has turned 21.

?It?s a hybrid ? it?s a restaurant but it?s a lounge,? Lewis said of the new venture she and her twin sister Natalie Delucchi?are launching on E Olive Way in the former home of Saley Crepes.

Late in 2012,?CHS introduced you to the idea and the back story of the sisters?including their shuttered?Seattle Pie Company?business.

On Wednesday, Lewis says she is excited to see her first customers experience the transformed space that has turned the old crepe cafe into stone-stacked bar and open kitchen. You?ll be able to watch them bake the scratch pies ? apparently there is a hydraulic pie press involved ? while you drink beer and wine and then drink beer and wine while you eat pie. Some are savory. Some are sweet.

At the Pie Bar preview party (Image: Pie Bar)

At the Pie Bar preview party (Image: Pie Bar)

Pie Bar Menu

There will be learning curves. What cider pairs best with apple pie?

This new, grown-up pie is 21-and-older only ? Pie Bar really is a bar. But kids and people on the move can stop by the window for a slice or a pie to go.

Pie Bar joins?Speckled & Drake,?which took over the old Living Room space to create?a Brooklyn-infused, Pacific Northwest-style hangout?and?John John?s Gameroom?with its?beer and pinball?on the base of the curve where Olive Way leaves the Hill.

Twin pie bar operators. You don't see that every day (Image: Pie Bar)

Twin pie bar operators. You don?t see that every day (Image: Pie Bar)

Lewis is the first to admit that the concept is an experiment but one that she believes will work ? even the planned Lemon Meringue ?Pietini? cocktails.

?We were at La Bete the other night ? and we were like what the fuck are we creating?? Lewis said excitedly. ?I?m just trying to grow it into something new.?

Pie Bar is located at 1361 E Olive Way. It is open Wednesday through Sunday, 5p-2a.

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