Saturday, December 31, 2011

Video: Thousands protest Assad regime in Syria

>>> overseas now to syria which today saw one of the largest demonstrations there in months. it's been a year of uprisings and violent crack downs but the crisis continues without let-up. today, dozens more were killed. amin mojadin has our report.

>> reporter: nine months into the syrian uprising, hundreds of thousands took to the streets today. protesting the regime that shows no signs of backing down. in this year of the arab spring a wave of change that toppled hosni mubarak of egypt and moammar gadhafi of libya. syria has managed to hold onto power. the cost, more than 5,000 lives since march with more killed each day, even as many soldiers defect and the uprising lurches toward civil war . nothing has slowed down the carnage. not even the presence of arab league observers. their job, to ensure the regime's compliance is an agreement aimed at ending the crack down. while the syrian government allowed the arab league in it has banned foreign media from reporting firsthand from inside the country.

>>> the opposition is using home video to get the message out and hoping the observers present will help them be heard. in this amateur footage not independently verified residents placed the body of a dead child on the hood of the observer's car. but the arab league has been of little help so far. opposition groups say more than 130 syrians have been killed this week. president asad claims he's waging war against terrorist gangs and foreign elements trying to divide the country. few believe that, but so far the world seems helpless to stop him and so do the syrians in the streets. nbc news.


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