Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Would Third-Party Run Be Best Bet for Ron Paul? (ContributorNetwork)

COMMENTARY | I have said before the most logical step for Ron Paul in this year's presidential campaign would be to run as an independent. Earlier in the campaign, there were some who would have burnt me at the stake for even suggesting such a thought. The general consensus from Paul supporters is there is no way he wouldn't get the GOP nomination to run against Obama.

There might be some out there eating a little bit of crow now. As everyone knows by now, Mitt Romney walked away from Nevada with half of the votes. Not a bad haul by any means. Although Paul, ever the consistent runner-up, is not showing any signs of slowing down. He is going to continue to give the fight to Romney, likely up until the GOP convention.

One thing I would have to disagree with when it comes to Paul is the notion the Huffington Post made recently, saying he finished surprisingly strong with a third-place spot. Sure, if the split among the voters was a little more even. With Romney walking away with half the vote and Paul getting 18 percent, it just seems to be like the same ratio of Paul supporters are voting the same way in every state.

Paul may not want to have to run as an independent candidate in November, but it is a reality he is going to have to eventually face. A statement he made at a rally in Minnesota, according the Associated Press, was that the caucus system rewards people that believe in something.

Well, we've had a few of these caucuses now. The most recent one showed us the Republican Party believes firmly in Romney. As a whole, the GOP is not believing in Paul. Perhaps a run as a third-party candidate might not be such a bad idea for him.

His people will always vote for him no matter what. At least that way, he can build a bigger base of supporters instead of each primary and caucus eroding his image as a viable contender against President Barack Obama.

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