Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asset Discovery is Key to Understanding Business Risk | Real Asset ...

Organizations know the value of Business Intelligence (BI) in monitoring sales performance, analyzing the quality of manufacturing processes or customer service and tracking financial indicators. How many, however, are leveraging this technology to assess the corporate risk associated with the tough capital investment decisions now required across an organization?s fixed asset base?

With the?uncertain economic outlook, senior managers can be prone to rewriting investment strategies and business plans while under pressure to make rapid changes. There are, of course, huge risks associated with such decisions ? from escalating maintenance costs to business damaging equipment downtime.

Irrespective of financial conditions, organizations cannot risk making hasty changes to capital investment strategies.? It is the use of BI to pull together information from fixed asset registers, maintenance systems and finance that will deliver the trusted, real time information required to identify opportunities for asset savings and, critically, predict the risk/reward associated with reining in investment today.

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