Saturday, June 23, 2012

Self Improvement & Memory Training: Tips for Helping to Reinvent ...

For me, 2012 began at 5am on December 31st as my best friend phoned me from Australia to wish me a Happy New Year. Later in the day, the celebration continued as I participated in a video chat with relatives in London. When the ball dropped in Time Square, NYC at midnight, I could officially welcome 2012 into my world.

The New Year brought with it an awesome feeling of renewal and an opportunity to start all over again. It afforded me the privilege and responsibility of becoming a better me. Adopting that attitude is healthy because it forces us to leave some hiccups that may have stifled us in the old year. Hiccups come in the form of negativity, insecurity and even over indulgence ushered in by unsupportive people and bad habits. As you cross over the threshold of this first week of 2012, it is the perfect time to do some paring down.

Delete past and potential sources of hiccups:
Delete some phone numbers and email addresses. Yes!
Delete some associations and memberships.
Delete some of the places that you frequent and know are not healthy.
Delete some of the habits that hinder your growth

As you delete, replace those hiccups with a glass of water. Water will purify the new cavity and prepare you for the NEW YOU PROJECT.

Invite individuals who are positive and supportive into your world.
Invite new habits including meditation, exercise, and rest into your life. They strengthen our minds and bodies to face the world each day.
Visit places that encourage you, inspire you, and motivate you to be your best self.

Combine the new acquaintances and habits with the new venues and begin a NEW YOU. Do not feel the need to explain yourself to anyone. Do not feel the desire to restrain your authentic self because of people's hang-ups. Find new ways to move in the world because new opportunities will be presented to you. You will receive feedback from your new environment that will help you grow.

The New You Project is not about changing your hair color, nails or style of dressing. It's about cleansing the negative, purifying yourself and being ready to receive the great rewards of investing in you!

I have decided to consider 2012 the year of bounty. I am walking with an attitude of abundance and gratitude. I invite you to do the same.

I am Karen St. Hilaire, a certified life coach, motivational speaker, adjunct lecturer, workshop presenter. My niche is to help you identify the unique genetic code that speaks to your passion in life. You can find out more about my services at Follow me on on Twitter

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