Saturday, October 13, 2012

Parajet Paramotor: Features Of The Zenith Thor 100

Parajet paramotors are creations of the UK based manufacturing company Parajet International. As the tile of the write up suggests, here well be discussing about the features of one of the most celebrated paramotor models manufactured and marketed by Parajet, the Zenith Thor 100.

Let us begin the discussion with the specifications of the Zenith Thor 100. The overall body weight of this Parajet paramotor is 24.9 kilogram. It comes equipped with a two-blade propeller and a 110 cc two-stroke engine. Its power output is an impressive 20.5 horsepower at 8900 rotations per minute. The motor is capable of producing 60 kg or 132 pounds of static thrust.

It is the first precision CNC equipped paramotor to be launched in the market and come with better in-flight maneuverability and improved chassis geometry. Once you strap on this new Parajet creation, everything will become clear to you.

This product is special primarily due to its unrivalled consistency and precision. In addition to that, its ability of allowing flawless and easy launch is also responsible for making it one of the most widely used paramotor models. Zenith Thor 100s design ensures that the people carrying it feel as if the unit is their bodys extension.

We have already mentioned that the Zenith Thor 100 comes with an improved chassis. The feature that has allowed the chassis to be labeled as an improved unit is its lightweight body. Being lightweight, it creates a better power to weight ratio. It enables the device to produce up to 60 kilograms of thrust.

All the engine parts for paramotor must be built strategically for the equipment to be effective. Parajet has always been known for creating units having several innovative features. They have paid special attention to every parts of the engine in order to improve their performance. The Zenith Thor 100 like any other product launched by the company is equipped with a number of useful and unique attributes. The most prominent one among them is its groundbreaking construction. The Zenith series from Parajet introduced fresh engineering and design to the world of powered paragliding. It does not contain any weld in its construction. All the parts of the unit are plug-n-play pieces; they fit the assigned sockets perfectly and can be replaced quickly whenever needed. This means, if you need to land for get emergency replacements done, you will be able to go back to air only within a few minutes.

About the Author:
The writer of this article is a well known powered paragliding instructor. He informs beginners about the use of different engine parts for paramotor. He also has experience of writing reviews of different paramotor models such as Parajet paramotor.


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